blog guilt and big messes

my fellow molandians are always askin' me did i see this or that or whatever on some blog. there are lots o reasons i don't travel round the internet more often and visit the gals that make the blog kingdom go round. this past year the main one has been cause even thinkin' of the word blog feels me with gallons o guilt. though it has been my intention o startin' each day by jottin' down a blog, there have been more days than not where i ended up headin' in some other direction which led to some adventure that left little time for my own blog much less those who carefully tend theirs daily.

i have no idea how these baronesses of the blog world do what they do....snappin' scrumptious shots of their delicious dauntin' daily lives - full o talent and treats - then also have the time to load those shots, write about em and then blog it all up. these are not the members of blogdom who just drag off to their desktop and into their fancy often redecorated world wide web spaces the pictures produced by others...oh no...i'm talkin' bout those who actually produce what we see in the patches o color that flash before our peepers as we scroll down page after page. and seems the most talented and prolific are not tryin' to tease you into hittin' a button somewhere to travel to another locale where you can then purchase wares they have displayed in some shop. most o these busy bloggers do it all for our pleasure and entertainment and in hopes o maybe passin' around some inspiration to those who may be lackin' or lookin' for some. i applaud each and every one o you.

now here is the other reason i don't regularly visit those i applaud. they're too damn neat. or maybe it's cause i am too damn messy. whichever it is, i scroll away wonderin' how those women can be so talented and productive and witty and such good mothers and wives and cooks and do it all without leavin a big ol mess behind. the shot above is what one o my many tabletops - this one sittin in front of the shabby doo dad den couch - looked like after only one hour of workin' on the inpsired real life doo dads. i am too embarrassed to show any of those taken later on in the process...or the one jo just stood at the door and took. she had to take it from the outside o the room cause she isn't able to get in and try as i may, i won't be able to get out until a path is carved through all that lays on the floor.

i realize this is also the reason i don't get more bloggin done. so often i have created somethin' i am anxious to share with you but realize whatever it is may not look so inspirin' when surrounded by spilled coffee or candy wrappers and half eaten cookies and if you see the piles o fabric and pitched pins on either side o whatever the end result is, you may permanently judge me the blogger to not bother with!

i just don't measure up when it comes to keepin my creative workspace in order. this is really a problem cause i work best when it looks like all those other blogger's spaces - neat as a pin and nary an item outta place. i just can't seem to pull it off. this is not somethin' new for me - i have been this way all my life. when i was in college my roommate placed a wide piece o tape between her area and mine. what a fool she was to think it would keep my mess from fallin into her space! it doesn't make me feel any better either to know it could be worse. i take no pleasure in telling you i have a much younger sister who is ten times worse than i am altho from what i have seen, she isn't bothered by her chaotic surroundings where mine weigh heavily upon me - sometimes literally. during one visit within my younger sister's domain, i followed her to her closet as she picked out something to wear. i did my best to pretend it was quite normal to choose an outfit from piles on the floor rather than hanging from the closet rods...hers were completely bare.

my beloved mother passed on this messy gene. lucky for queenie it missed her. growin up i would sit and stare in in awe at her open closet. how she could actually keep shoes in boxes and still remember she owned em? as i have confessed here before, with me it's outta site outta mind. i always looked upon the box shoes came in as a craft supply until a stylist attached polaroids to the ends for me.

now i have to begin the task of cleanin up after this last round o art so i can start the process all over again. as usual i am runnin' behind and have so many things to get finished before even federal express can't guarantee christmas delivery no matter how much i am willin' to pay. i am hopin to get everything finished and wrapped and outta here and all the doo dads done and ready for download so i can take a bit o time to travel the blogdom the days after christmas. i'll peek at each beautiful clutter-free shot so graciously shared by the best in bloggin' and once again vow to be more like them in the year to come. only this time i will try to make the attempt guilt free!


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Creative mess equals creative thought. (Timothy Atwood)

A creative mess is preferable to idle neatness.


Tracy said...

Oh, I like both of those Peggy! Blog when you can Mo and shelve the guilt. I love what you're makin' when you're not bloggin'! xoxooxxoxo

wings said...

miz messy: now i love you even more. those other blogs inspire more guilt than creativity in me. i have been too busy, tired, and upset to be creative with my laptop lately, but tomorrow i'll photograph the remains of my recent creative forays, the piles of mess (my own and those of the little beasts who mess up anything i do happen to straighten), and doo dad 'em up for the gallery. i'm thinkin' those lovely chapeaux might be good for coverin' up more than a chilled head...

melissa said...

oh i take great joy and comfort in the bloggin words you have bestowed upon us. i have a wonderful spot, complete with 12ft countertop on one side and more around the room. not only does it provide doodaddin space, but only that when not covered with the piles of stuff to be moved from one to the other based on whichever project strikes the fancy. i try to be neat as my office is the 1st room upon entry into my home - unless u r familiar fam friend and come in by way o da kitchen. neatness... maybe next year said...

blog away when you can...i know how time passes to quickly...have a very merry christmas!

Bevyt said...

ohmygoodness~we must be related. I don't seem to be able to work unless I have a creative mess. But I usually know where everything is in that mess (except when I lose something and that drives me nuts) so I totally understand. It is better to be creative than to be neat...or so I say....

mosaic queen said...

Hello Mo!
Found your blog through some other blog and I must say, your posts are somewhat addictive. In other words, I Love it!
Anyway, I can relate to your creative mess. I work best when I'm surrounded by piles of stuff. My husband who is what I call a Type A personality (very neat), doesn't understand my process. Matter of fact, I think I drive him absolutely batty with my creative mess. I guess what they say is true about opposites attracting.
Anyway, I have a sign in my studio that I received from a friend that reads: Creative people are rarely tidy. Enough said. :-) Michelle

Bettsi said...

Mo, first of all, the hats and bags are so beautiful! I covet them mightily, but there are no funds for them. Secondly, you are not the only messy crafter! I often have to clear a space in order to photograph some of my handcrafts! You and your blog are a delight!

Saucy said...

messy mo: the difference between a tidy blog and a real-life looking blog is all in the cropping, isn't it? my space gets to be a real mess, until husband decides he's had more than enough and cannot go to board meetings with glitter on his suit anymore.

how about next time i put up a post on my blog, i leave some honorary garbage in the shot - just for your pleasure! say, the old newspaper or maybe one of the dozens of tupperware that hold and sort so many of my bits and pieces?

ejj said...

If messiness is part of your creative process, then hooray for clutter!

In the meantime, you just wouldn't believe the rubble on my desk.... And I'm not even creating anything at the moment!


Trish said...

Creative minds are seldom tidy!

Hooray for your creativity! You are not alone in your messiness. There are quite a few of us "messies" around. Try as I may, I find it impossible to keep things tidy when I am busy creating! Don't beat yourself up over it - what you are capable of doing is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love your mess! all I can see is creativity and beautiful at that. I wish I could count the times i have headed over to Amy's to find one of your bags and they are always sold. Oh one day soon, I want to be one of the first ones over there. They are too cute not to have one. Love the beautiful hats too, they are just so "mo", I would use it for a decoration as well as on my head. blog away, we love you for who you are. You would feel great if you saw my craftin stuff all over the place.
much love,
hey mo, I still can't get into the gallery, oh boohoo, I sure hope I didn't do anything wrong and if I did I sure hope someone will tell me... I miss the fun. Merry Christmas to all! have a good one.

Rosa said...

Don't you know we pick and choose the pics we want to use? hehe. I always include my messy stages too, it's only natural. Don't you fret none ms. mo. We're all slobs deep down, we just have moments (or specs) of organization. Doesn't happen often! Plus, with what you give us in your doo dads, you are exempt from all things tidy!

Jan said...

Oh, Missy Mo, haven't you yet learned that a creative mind is rarely tidy? (Or perhaps you've learned [and lived!] it -- you just need to get comfortable with it, and realize that people who put on those blog masks [remember the face masks they'd use on the video phones in the Jetson's cartoons?] either aren't telling the whole story, or maybe they just aren't the same kind of creative thinker.)
I used to keep lithos of paper collages in one of my law offices, because there was something decidedly un-neat about them, but more so because it represented how I think about just about everything -- whether it is a artsy-craftsy kind of project, or a complex, legal analysis of something. I take little bits and pieces of stuff from all over the place to end up with the final creation. The creation process isn't pretty, but the final project always is (or else I don't consider it final!). Most other lawyers didn't understand this analogy, but then, they were the kind to have sparkling offices with no exras papers in sight. I had mounds of paper (often leading to me being called a fire hazard), but I always knew where everything was, and I felt my "creations" were far more complex and rich with detail than some of the other lawyers who thought along more linear paths.
Take heart, Missy, and embrace your inner messy muse! There's no one else quite like you in the world, and you're much appreciated for your uniqueness!
Many holiday blessings!
Your friend,

Jan said...

Oh, Missy! Look what I found after I left here! I was just perusing the headlines in the morning paper, and wow! This one just jumped out at me! :-)