tree tricks

moland tree talent
i had so hoped to show off all the decorations hung for the holidays here at moland but i have had an awful bug for the last week and as of today, so does mini. so for now i will drop off some shots of just a few of the trees and as soon as i feel better will put up a some more.

you can't really tell in these shots but it is taken for granted by all who live here that once you become a mother you automatically have a knack for turnin' any ol place into a winter wonderland within hours of the trees bein' delivered. don't misunderstand me please....i love any sort o decoratin'....i have just always wished there was a wee bit less of it to do. every year in july i get goin' on how nice it would be to have just one great big tree at christmas...or maybe we could still have the five or six my family wants but they could all be those pretty fake ones that come with the lights already attached. they seem interested and nod now and then but they really aren't listenin' one iota. next thing i know it's that time o december when mini and her daddy have between 30 and 60 rubbermaid decoration filled bins hauled into the entry hall and all lined up with the lids propped open...then they leave and go on their search for a half dozen or so perfect trees. once the perfect trees are located, they call to tell me of their incredible tree talents and say they are gonna stop some place for dinner and a little shoppin' on their way home. of course they never make it back until AFTER the big truck rolls up the driveway and i have to wrangle a bunch of strange men and the talented trees into the house.

tree pickin' time after tree pickin' time i vow i will go with them and share my own tree talents and shake the whole process up....but after so many years this has become our own silly tree tradition and somehow it wouldn't be right if it happened any other way. i will continue to act as if i have been tricked since that seems to be part of the fun for my adorin' family and never let on that i am dreadin' that first christmas where it's just me and mini's daddy and he agrees to one fake pre-lit tree!

hope you are all feelin' better than me and mini and enjoying the holidays with your family!


Anonymous said...

Mo what a trooper! You rest while you can and hope Mini is on her feet for Christmas.

Love the tree shots, and thanks for trudging over here with all the nursing going on at Moland


clarice said...

Mo akk what an awful time to be sick. I hope you are feeling tip-top soon. Clarice

Tracy said...

I love the shot of Mini and Tink by tree B! oxxoxo's and chicken soup to the both of you. Please take time to rest and let the head tree picker do some waiting on his CDO and junior tree picker. oxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

You mean Tink doesn't have her own tree? Chris makes me put up a dog tree every year in his room beside his hot wheels tree. lol I think you should just let Jo drag out that silver metal tree with the big light wheel that spins color on everything and be done with it. ;)


Saucy said...

Take care of yourself Mo, it's never fun to be sick, especially at Christmas! Your tree tradition trickery sounds terrific.

Feel better xoxoxo

Jan said...

We're sick at our house, too! Hope you feel better soon!
Thanks for sharing your pretty tree -- we haven't felt well enough to decorate yet! (Hoping for tonight or tomorrow...)

wings said...

Merry christmas, Mo! Thanks for sharing some of Mini's stockings with us. They're a real treat for the eyes.

Your kinfolks actually haul out and open the tubs o' decorations for you? What kind souls!! I'm sure Mini and her daddy enjoy their annual tradition of picking out the trees together.

So sorry you're sick again. Next time you feel like doo daddin' maybe you should haul out some of the medical-type doo dads so we can send you proper get well wishes. Then I could send you a tree already decorated (with get-well doo dads!)

mary said...

Miss Mo, I love the page o' stockings a la mini!
I hope you were feeling well enough to celebrate Christmas after all. We had to postpone our holiday happenings until the 28th because my family all came down with that nasty virii that's been circulatin' the globe!
Big ((()))!

Rosa said...

I can only handle one tree. I'm sure all the work is worth it though. I'm sure they are all breathtaking. Hope you are feelling better soon, both you and mini.

melissa said...

oh my oh my. i am sure divorce papers crossed my dh mind when i said i was just not up to putting the decorations away... and sat here in my hideout and produced 3 mo layouts. whoo hoo for me. it was all i could do to get the 1 tree up and decorated so that it didnt look like emily did it all herself. i bow to u creatin up these fab trees and not feelin well at the same time. i vote u go back to bed - get a good nora roberts book - make dh and mini bring u left over christmas cookies and hot tea.

hmmm.... now that u mention it.. i think i may be comin down with somethin. lol.

hug the fam for me and have FUN

wings said...

Ross (my 7-year old) was looking at all of Mini's stockings, and he wants to know if all of them get filled. He also wants to know what you put in them. And... he wants to know why **his** mom doesn't make stockings like that for him!

He says he thinks that's enough questions for now.

Renee said...

Love you stuff Mo, hope you're feeling better now. How in the world do I get into your site??