sleepin tink
most dog owners wouldn't be too concerned to find their precious pooch perched on pretty pillows like this with their peepers tightly closed. i, on the other hand, go into a panic and start pokin' her to make sure she is alive. the reason for such behavior is that this pampered puppy lives among die hard chocoholics. we don't necessarily have to eat it everyday but we all get real nervous if there's none waitin' for us within arms length.

as much as i love this lil puff ball, if i had known she wouldn't be able to share a 1.55 ounce hershey's bar, one o mini's deluxe chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven or a coupla m&m's with me i would have committed myself to the betty crocker center or wherever it is that chocoholics go to dry out before i brought her home. altho my addiction has always been so serious that might've meant she'd still be waitin'.

humans who have been dog lovers all their lives just assume everyone knows that dogs can't eat chocolate. i must admit i had never knew. the first i ever heard of it was when i was leavin' the breeder's house, carryin with me tink in the pink chenille personalized bassinette i had made for her. i patiently listened to 2 hours of rules and regulations that i had to solemnly swear to adhere to if i wanted mini's daddy to have the right to hand her a check written out in an amount that would buy a small used car. when we were finally allowed to leave, i was certain i knew everything necessary to take really good care of my teeny canine child. it wasn't til i was gettin' in the car that the breeder shouted out, 'and remember - even a small amount o chocolate will kill her'. i was certain my ears were playin' tricks on me. when we were all back in the car i asked mini's daddy if that was really chocolate for my dog? yes he said, dogs weren't supposed to eat chocolate.

but what about his wiener dogs? he's had five durin' our married life and all of em have eaten chocolate. willie and wall e. would do any tricks requested for hours on end for just one tootsie roll - those real little ones. and wiener number three, wilma, once ripped open the corners of 12 boxes o godiva chocolates, all wrapped in that pretty gold paper, and ate everything that she could reach with her long snout which was about a half of each box (she also loved pepsi and would run off with a can of it and then bring it back empty). and number four and five, betty and fred, have been caught stealin' whole bags o oreos from the pantry and only eat the chocolate parts and leave the middles tucked here and there in the grass. mini's daddy said they were special so the chocolate rule didn't apply.

i have been lucky that until recently, tink has never showed much interest in the forbidden food...though she has chewed quite a bit o gum. she loves gum and has some sorta gum radar and can locate it no matter where it's tucked away. she's quite capable of chewin' it like it was meant to be chewed but we do our best to keep her from makin' it a habit.

last weekend one o mini's bodysnatchin' friends came for a sleep over. for some reason she never stopped eatin' - every time i looked at her she was popping somethin or other in her mouth. the pocket of her pajama's were filled to the brim with calories of all sorts. when she left i found her pajamas hurled on the floor and only tink's tail waggin' outta the pocket. when i pulled her out there was nothin' left in the pocket but one chocolate chip. we rushed her to the dog emergency room and even though they said she'd be fine, i didn't take my eyes off of her for at least 48 hours straight. it was durin' this time that she took up this new sleepin' pose - the one that makes her look less than alive. i guess i'll get used to it after awhile but it has given me quite a few scares this past week. it's even made me not have such a cravin' for chocolate.

a quick update before i blog many of you emailed to ask what positions jo & mimi were takin in the rosie & donny debacle that jo promised to blog about it this weekend. much to mini's daddy's disappointment, they both honored their agreement not to speak again til tomorrow. i'm afraid it won't matter though cause durin' their break from debatin' the president did some of his talkin on nationwide t.v. and you haven't seen anything as wild as mimi and jo when they get goin' on him. i think i better get a good night's sleep cause the mornin' promises to be quite entertainin' and i'd hate to miss even a minute of it.

thanks for stoppin' by and a special thanks to all who stop that extra bit o time to send those lil messages before heading off! it's much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Poor Tink must have been in doggie heaven with all that chocolate. Although they are not supposed to have it, I have never seen a dog that didn't dance with delight to get it. We have a specialty dog store here in town that makes homemade dog treats with vet approved icing that really smells like chocolate but it's not. (all natural ingredients) It smelled so good, I found myself thinking about taking a tiny bite to see but passed. Any hoo, if you find Tink now beggng for chocolate, check your local pet places and see if you can find her some faux chocolate dog treats. They are a little pricey but well worth the look on their faces when you hand them one. ;)


Saucy said...

Our Tink-alike Wrigley (as in field) goes ga-ga for the Hershey Kiss although we do what we can to keep them away from his nosey little self. Every once and a while he gets into something naughty and it only amounts to a few extra trips to the doggie spot in the yard (we call it the green apple two-step) and when he takes that favoured position like Tink, we figure his little tummy has had too much fun for the day and he's taking the pressure off.

That said, he's taken to lounging a'la Sharon Stone-style these days, deeply reclined and letting his bits and pieces out for air. At least Tink, the lady that she is, keeps her back legs up and together when doing the upward dog pose.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tink is so cute, I thought it was a toy lying there, my dog & cat do the same thing looks funny doesn't it!

Christa said...

oh mo... I would be scared to death as well if I saw tink lying that way.. sorta reminds me of that dog in the movie 'something about mary'... i have heard the chocolate thing regarding dogs.. i don't quite understand it though as they eat sometimes grass and everything else and seem to be alright... I guess there is some truth to it.. love your blogs.. they really make me smile.. I will tell ya deb is right on the money with the treats that smell like chocolate.. I used to have hamsters as a kid and i used to buy chocolate smelling kiss looking treats for my hamsters and it would be so funny as they would shove them in their pouches and it would look like they had a mouth bulge.. the best was them grabbing a dog biscuit and running away with it.. do tink a favor and get her the treats.. she is a good furry child and deserves a special goodie every now and again. hugs.. christa

Bucksters said...

How can any living thing exist without a bit o' that deep sweet love potion once in awhile? I don't blame you for worrying, mo - but tink is just as special (maybe more so) than mini's daddy's weiner dogs, so perhaps a chocolate chip or two every now & then won't hurt. love her new pose (tho Saucy's dog's pose sounds pretty interesting...)

can't wait to hear where jo & mini stand on the rosie/donny debate. or our fair prez, for that matter. ;-)

Tracy said...

Tink is cute from any angle... I'll have to remember to bling up the underside of Tink's 'made in Canada' outfit so that she can show it off in repose.

I think we must have overdone it on the 'no chocolate for Max' speech because the other night when m left a chocolate covered cookie on an end table and went for her jammies we came out just in time to see Max licking his lips - m started to cry thinking he was gonna be a gonner. Luckily he was just fine and more interested than ever in the big tin o cookies that arrived over Christmas. One good thing is that m is sure to perch her nibbles up on a high ledge if i'm not there to guard them and she's leaving the room. He hasn't tried any gum yet but he's had the odd Mcdonald's fry as his car seat is right beside Macy's and he knows to be alert soon after he hears the drive-thru lady!

Hope you're getting plenty o chocolate induced rest yourself my dear!!


Robin said...

he he hee on sasha's upward dog pose... although tink's tweed tube top does a perfect job of keeping her under cover. i hate to admit it but we have some very "dirty dog" pictures of our angel.. who was a boy dog that slept 'upward dog' showin' everything he owned to whoever wished to peak.
thanks for the bloggin' miss mosey.. i love to follow the "as the mo-world turns".

ejj said...

I used to have a Scottie who would do anything for a Hershey's Kiss, so I was amazed to learn, years later, how bad chocolate was for dogs. Now I hide if I am eating chocolate at home, so my dogs won't sit and stare sadly at me while I eat it. It definitely puts chocolate in the "shame-shame" category.

ejj said...

poor tink...hang in there mo!

Carrie J said...

I couldn't figure out how to email you privately, so I hope you don't mind me asking here. What program do you use to make the antique picture border on your photos.
I enjoy your blog.
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Mo we sure missed your taveloge on life at Moland during the holidays.

Those are some stunning displays of holiday cheer you engineered.

Hope tink lets you get some rest soon.


Anonymous said...

mo that is the funniest picture ever! look at little tink as comfy as a can be! glad to hear all is well!

kelly m

wings said...

i have a theory... i think that vets have started this "chocolate is poison for dogs" (and cats!) business 'cause they are greedy hogs, paranoid about the world supply of chocolate, and wantin' to make sure that none of it gets sucked up by their patients. for goodness sakes, think of all the things they eat with no problem. I had a summer job in high school as a ticket seller at a little animal park that rides... we naughty teens used to feed the used paper tickets and the old popcorn boxes to the deer. we sure wouldn't have wasted chocolate on them, though.

(DH just walked in, looked at the picture of Tink, and commented succinctly: "Looks dead." in this house, the "D" doesn't necessarily stand for "dear.")

anyway, back to that chocolate conspiracy... what if chocolate was goin' for $50/barrel? sure, people are upset about gas prices, but if there was a chocolate shortage... this whole country could come to a dead stop while chocoholics walked the streets with doo-dadded placards.

thanks for keeping the chocolate out of Tink's sweet little paws. we may need it for ourselves!

shabbychicshar said...

Hello Mo,

I would like to get into the community center. I think I am either inactive or not verified but have a sign in and password. Can I please come in and visit? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

awwww, Tink looks so cute and so peaceful (must be that chocolate). Our little puppy does that with her legs too, they are such ladies.
Thanks for sharing the story about chocolate, I will have to be more careful and thanks for sharing the darling pic of Tink, what a cutiepie.

islandarts said...

My dog once ate an entire (solid) chocolate easter bunny that we had forgotten on the coffee table (passing up a cheeseburger we also left there) and she was none the worse for wear.
Of course I don't know how much actual chocolate is in those things....
Glad to here she's okay!

Jan said...

Ah, it's good to read your stories again! :-D

My cockers have always loved chocolate, too, and have also been known to sleep paws & belly up from time to time (though I've never noticed a connection between the chocolate consumption and the nap pose...hmmmm....).

My favorite story about my dearly departed Cocker, Mercedes, was the morning after my annual Christmas party, when I was living in Phoenix. One of the things I always did was set out baskets of kisses all wrapped in their holiday foil finery, all around the house, for people to nibble on during the party. Now, I very diligently gathered all the baskets up after the party, and consolidated what was left of the kisses into one basket, and then perched that basket on the top of a stack of boxes, about 5 feet off the ground, so that my dear chocoholic dog wouldn't help herself to Death by Chocolate.

Imagine my surprise the next morning when I woke up to my precious pup prancing into the master bedroom, where she stopped just inside the doorway, and proceeded to spew chocolate vomit all over my pretty peach carpet! I immediately got up and ministered to her, and the carpet, and checked on the basket. The basket was on the floor, and it was completely empty. That's right -- the little devil ate about 2 lbs of chocolate kisses, foil and all. She left little foil remnants in her droppings for more than a week! She was a bit miserable with a tummy ache that first day, but ended up just being fine.

I never worried about her (or my current Cockers) consuming chocolate again. (Not that I feed it to them in mass quantities, however.) There's a chemical in chocolate that CAN be poisonous to dogs, technically. I've talked to the vet about it before. But it doesn't seem to affect all dogs equally, and it may depend upon what form the chocolate is in when the dog consumes it. It's not like hemlock for dogs, in other words. It IS proceed with caution, though.

I've got one cocker that can and does sniff out chocolate that's been hidden in the house. His nose is ultrasensitive when it comes to chocolate. He'll tear apart a garbage can in any room just to play with a candy bar wrapper! I took offense once when he gobbled down a special bar I had on my nightstand, special wrapping and all. But there's something about the chocoholic in him that gives me a wry sort of smile, and a sense of appreciation for his special sniffing skill.

Tell Miss Tink that until she knows her limit, she's best to consume in moderation! (Oh, and when they sleep like that, it means they feel very safe in their surroundings. They won't show their belly unless they feel totally protected from danger. So, take that as a compliment!)

Take care - I need to drop by soon and catch up when I have a chunk of time to browse and drool! :-)

KimberlyP said...

I just found your blog and your writing style is so wonderful to read! I think I'll be reading it regularly. Have you thought of writing a book?

updycrafts said...

I always enjoy your stories, my childhood dog (cocker) was a oreo fanatic...he lived to be 14 and ate chocolate as often as he could. On a side note, I noticed the fabric on your pillows is the same fabric I have been searching for for the past year. My sister bought some for me to make her baby bedding out of and we didn't have enough...any ideas where to score some more? Thanks!!!