takin down christmas durin' the rosie and donny debacle

i am sure you are sick o christmas pictures but after workin' so hard to do it all and now gettin' ready to work that hard again to take it all down i just had to force one more on you. please do forgive me. i have been tryin' to convince myself it would all pass for a fine set o valentine decorations but i fear the trees may just set the place blazin' before the 14th o february rolls around.

i hate this part o the job the most - the takin' down process. i had hoped mimi and jo would do it for me but they aren't speakin' to each other til friday. they have been debatin' the feud between rosie and trump for days now and no matter how they tried, they found it impossible to keep it off limits - specially once they heard the big baba wawa question ...did she or didn't she bad mouth rosie to donny when she ran into him at a restaurant not long ago and last week on the phone (this is what donny told rosie happened in the letter he wrote and sent over to her yesterday).

the most important element of all with mimi and jo is...who knows more and who knows first. in this current contest o famous conflicts and the calendarin' of em, mimi is winnin' hands down. she even got a first-hand reportin' yesterday of what happened in the make-up room monday when rosie confronted baba once she returned from vacation but was sworn to secrecy by her saucy source. this just about sent jo over the edge. she hates to lose at anything and especially to mimi. mini's daddy is pretty sure the two of em will end up in fisticuffs by the end o the day. mini said she saw him draggin one o the tripods outta the anti-guest house so i'm pretty sure he plans on gettin the whole thing on film seein as how he sees everything as a possible made for t.v. movie or half hour sitcom.

so...i have no hope whatsoever of getting help from either of the cousins in takin' down christmas. i would think about tryin if 'handle with care' objects were not involved but the job o takin down christmas is just full of em so i just can't chance it.

as you know i am usually runnin behind in my email duties and with the activity in moland for some odd reason havin' tripled over the last week, i am plum overwhelmed by it all. if you are waitin' to hear from me i promise the minute the house is once again tree-less i will focus only on the mail until i get it all caught up...hopefully that will be no later than tomorrow.

thanks so much for stoppin by and i promise to get some good shots o mimi and jo if this rosie versus donny debate reaches a fevered pitch and a milee insues.


Bucksters said...

Well I for one never mind seeing pictures of your beautiful handiwork! Your house looks so festive with all those trees & decos - hope you had a few lovely parties to show it all off. Don't blame you for the "takin' down" blues, tho - I put up approximately 10 decorations & no tree, & I still haven't put the stuff away yet!

And yep, that rosie/donny mishmash just has everyone going, doesn't it? seems ashame that it's breakin' up your household - hopefully it is coming to an end. Since i'm on the side of "can't stand the comb-over, let alone the person wearing it", it's a no-brainer for me; but the media/rosie/donny/bw are makin' this trail on & on forever. Sure hope it doesn't get in the way of mimi & jo helping you with any St. Valentine's decorating you may want to embark on! Glad to see you back, btw ;-)

charlotte said...

Thanks for the etsy order...and the laughs too. We are Rosie fans (she gave me a pull quote for my book...gotta love her!)but we think this silliness is way too much fun for January. Love your blog and all the pix.

Anonymous said...

Oh I cannot imagine taking down all those decorations but I bet it was pretty spectacular there at the holidays. I will admit, the Trump decision over Miss America had me fired up too. If it had been anyone else that worked for him , he would have fired them on the spot. Miss America has a standard to uphold as America's finest and if she can't do it, then second runner up should get it. Look at poor Vanessa Williams, they took her crown and didn't give her a second chance. I don't agree with the way Rosie attacked him but his decision was silly.


Saucy said...

I've still got two more treest to take down myself and yet there I was this morning, lounging in front of the plasma, glued to see what Miss Rosie would say next! I do hope they bury the hatchet. Right across his bangs!!

Christa said...

Hi mo.. love to see pics of your gorgeous house and all your trimmings... I wasn't signed up xmas of 2005 (didn't become a citizen here until april of 2006) so I myself am enjoying your pics... sorry mimi & jo are debating over this rosie/donny squabble.. I myself liked rosie's show she had before she got magazine and view happy... she grew up in the next town over from the town i grew up in, so it is home court advantage as I tend to watch things from people in long island.. (karate kid - ralph macchio also grew up in another town on the other side of me as well so I watch his stuff too.. lol) anyway, this whole thing i think is a ploy to get them both rosie/donald publicity for their shows.. same thing when he and martha went at it.. gosh why does he do this.. he just gives me the creeps, but rosie needs to cut out the bad mouthing too.. it just isn't the way us long island girls are supposed to act and I don't want her actions to make all us long island girls out to be rude, because of course that i am not.. lol.. anyway, good luck with finding your way through the ocean of emails.. if you need some assistance answering fan mail since mimi and jo are caught up in the debate, let some of us know so we can help.. ps let us know if mimi & jo's debate becomes a sitcom as I would love to see them on screen!! hugs a bunch mo.. glad to see ya!!~christa

wings said...

LMBO!! (Not as off as I'd like it to be, of course...) Sure would like to see those photos of Mimi & Jo. A movie of the week would be most appreciated!

I've got all the stuff off the tree, but this year's new nonbreakables (purchased and decorated specifically to foil the beastie twins) were just sitting around in a basket... and the twins put a bunch of 'em back on the other day when I was out of the room. Love those pictures of your house; looks like lots of room for hanging stockings!

Tracy said...

Can you imagine the beehive Jo could create on the donald with a whole lotta backcombing and spray? Anything would look better than that limp wisp he sports.

Your trees look so beautiful but I think it's time... that pesky squirrel may have moved out of the attic into the big one by now, so approach with caution. I hope that de-decorating is the only chore on your list this week. Time for some R&R for you my dear!

xoxoxo said...

oh my...i wouild like like that job of taking down the deco either...good luck ! said...

ok lol need more coffee....cant edit the first one so let me clarify....i would not like that job of taking down the to the coffee pot :)

ejj said...

The idea of having to take down ornaments and pack them up would be enough to make my hair fall out (one reason why I always go somewhere else for Xmas!).