tinkerbelle & the white floor

tink couture
one o' the other reasons i was too blogged down to blog involved miss tinkerbelle and my decision on the spur o' the moment to paint the floor o' the doo dad den white. how was i supposed to know that miss tink would refuse to walk on a spur o' the moment painted white floor?

for a while i figured she just thought the freshly painted floor was still too wet to risk disfigurin' her fluffy furry feet and the entry to the doo dad den - where the white floor started - was a line she wouldn't cross. but after a week or so i realized there was more to her freezin like a lil dog statue in the entryway than her vanity. she was scared o' the white painted floor! this was quite a problem cause she refuses to be away from me for more than a few minutes at a time and if i'm outta the doo dad den for too long - well, it could lead to delirium. i tried everyting to change her mind but she made it clear she wasn't walkin' on white. it made no sense cause it's not like she doesn't LIKE white. she is, after all, white. and her favorite food - vanilla ice cream - is white. and her blanket - the one i got for christmas but she took as her own as soon as i unwrapped it - is white. but she wasn't gonna walk on white.

i had ample time to figure out what to do about her withholding her wares from the white wood. as you might recall, i had re-kindled many o' my old injuries durin' the first round o' white and it took quite some time to be ready for the next. as i waited for the feelin' to come back in my neck and lower back, i experimented with several configurations and colors. she finally approved o' green squares - spaced close enough that she can hop from one patch o' green to the next so that she never has to touch the white areas.

i'm still strugglin' with gettin' my canine couture creations to work out right. tink is modelin' my latest attempt here...made from quilt pieces - a dresden plate for the skirt. i am still havin' trouble with the neck fittin the way i want it to. as soon as i get it right i'll share the pattern with you cause those to make good dog duds are hard to come by - unless you can read japanese and even then, you have to be a detective to figure out where to buy em!

as for the white cashwere blanket pictured with tink,(i'm hopin' i spelled that correctly- as you know i don't worry much with such things unless reviewin' products) - we all recommend it highly. if you ever have the chance to nap under one, jump at it! we had two - the one tink has taken over and a brown one that mimi and jo fought over so much, mini finally cut in two to keep the peace. mini and i both have the robe and sweater but keep em hidden if the trailer park pair are in the real house (as opposed to the metal ones).

i'll sign off for now...i have many an egg to finish before i sleep and i've promised a bakers dozen o' momade doughnuts to the molandians! thanks so much for stoppin' by!

8 comments: said...

Oh, I hope Tink gets used to the white now that she has the green to mute it. Actually, the green sounds really nice with the white, maybe she was trying to give design advice? She looks like a dog that knows what she likes!

Tracy said...

I'm gonna try this again... the blog gremlins ate up my typin' earlier today and I never saw it again!

Miss Tink has taken to dressing in retro just like her big sis Mini. I do love those 30's prints - they are my favourite. Have you tried putting a teensy bowl of french vanilla ice cream about a foot and a half inside the doo dad den on the aforementioned white floor? I'd cross hot coals for a bowl of good ice cream. Maybe leave one of Tink's Kate Spades strategically just inside the door. Every woman has a tender spot for somethin'. We can't use chocolate, so we have to be creative here... good luck my dear and I'm sure hoping your back doesn't realize what you've been up to! :) xoxoox

Robin said...

it is infinitely wonderful to have you back at the blog helm miss mo! the floor story is just the thing i needed to hear to make me feel a bit less weird about my own fur person and her 'backwards ways". it is good to know she is in the good company of the wacky tink!
xox hope you are on the mend!

Christa said...

good morning ms mo.. didn't see you added another blog so quickly.. great to see the new pic of your little tink there.. love the couture.. I love home-made things rather then the outfits that paris & el woods have bought for their chuauhas (spelling) .. tink is adorable in her outfit (as long as she isn't sleeping with her legs in the air again like she did after the chocolate episode), and I know once you get her fitted around the neck properly you will be satisfied.. too funny about the white floor.. maybe that is due to not able to see the dimension.. she is white and she may not see that the floor is there.. it might be to ms tink, like looking over the grand canyon would be for us.. if you can't get dimensions it is a scary thing.. glad you accomodated your little fur baby by adding the muted green.. besides that color green is right in line for spring! glad you got that dilemma figured out. re the cashmere blankie.. it must be similar to the down quilts.. after coming back from germany on one of our trips, we went over to bed bath & beyond and had to get a goose down comforter, and duvee cover, and ever since it is like sleeping in the clouds.. that tink of yours is a smarty.. she loves comfort.. no wonder she thought it had her name on it!! love to hear what is going on in your world ms mo.. can't wait to see the egg hunt or at least hearing stories of it!! hugs.. Christa

Sadie Olive said...

I just wanted to leave a note to say I think you have such a talent! I have admired your graphics on your blog and inspire company's site. Keep doing what your doing, I love it! :)

barbara said...

i love miss tink's cute little outfit! very retro with a touch of gypsy. as for her white floor freakout, my thought is maybe she needs to look at her feet while she's walking along (some of us do in order to keep from trippin' ourselves big time), and with a white floor she can't see those cute little tootsies of hers. well...just a thought. otherwise, i'm with tracy - ice cream is the perfect bribe. great to see another blog, mo!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you need to run over to Mimi's trailer and borrow her roll of red carpet that she practices on for when she gets invited to the oscars or grammys and run it from the door of the doo dad den to the couch so Tink will not have to hop along on the green squares. Why the anxiety alone of having to do a balancing act to get into the room to be in on the doo daddin must drive her little soul crazy.


ejj said...

That Tink is SUCH a love! She looks sweet in all sorts of attire.