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i forgot to mention in my heart poundin' april fool's state that i wasn't too crazy about easter comin' early this year. many o' us who have been blessed with ADD have no internal clock....i am one of 'em. when diagnosed i wasn't told i lacked the ability to recognize an external clock but they must've overlooked that fact cause i seldom know the exact date and never come close to guesstimatin' how long somethin' creative will take me to finish. when i started makin' these pretty lil stuffed eggs i was certain i'd be done and have 'em sent to inspire company's amy long before the easter bunny even thought about packin' his basket for the annual springtime deliveries. i failed miserably. in an effort to turn that failure into a great feelin' of success, i have decided to pretend i planned all along to work waaaay ahead on next year's eggs and that these you're seein' here are a preview of my eggmo line for 2008! except for a few pieces of ribbon, they're all made out of vintage fabrics and real-life doo dads from my mom and barbara dobbin's (my neighbor who willed me the things nobody else wanted) collections. if for any reason you hand out eggs at other times o the year besides easter, let me know and maybe i can make 'em available for you in the lil doo dad shop since the odd and unexpected wouldn't be unusual there....where as charmin' amy runs a more traditional establishment and eggs around mother's day may seem out of place.

i gotta walk away from the blog now - literally. some know-it-all has decided if you walk 10000 steps a day you will be healthy, beautiful, shapely, have pearly white teeth and live a long time so i bought a round o' pedometers for me and the cousins and we are havin' a contest to see who can take the most steps this week. the loser has to hide all the eggs sunday. even though i haven't seen jo leave the property much this week, she's winning by a long shot. this has really upset mimi of course cause they compete at everything and she set off wearin' jo's lucky tube top at the crack o' dawn and may be callin' me to pick her up in san diego later. if i don't get goin' i'll be hidin' eggs for hours and i have 'bout had my fill of eggs for the time bein'.

thanks so much for stoppin' by and maybe tomorrow i'll blog up all the bags and flowery things waitin' to be of 'em is attached the top 'o the basket o' eggs - that's part of a wreath i'm makin' outta the crepe paper looks far enough along to make it's debut before 2008!


Teacher Spice said...

These are absolutely spectacular eggs! I've been so entranced by your blog (read quite a bit of it), and all of the beauty I have found here. I started scrapping last July, in order to make a memory book of my son. I would love to have even a smidgen of your talent! Wow! You have a new fan!

Tracy said...

Oooh la la mo! Faberge has nothing on you! These are beautiful - especially love them all posied up!

Good luck on the 10,000 steps. I bought a pedometer too and discovered I'm about 5,000 steps a day short -- and that's WITH my new 'walk-a-day come hell or high water' program. I swear we have to invent an office chair that lets you cycle or walk without jigglin' too much so one can still move their doo dads around. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you but just in case you don't come out ahead on the walkin', be careful when hiding the eggs -- there's a poison oak/ivy epidemic! :) xoxoox

jenn said...

the eggs are gorgeous! good luck with the steps.

cfile1 said...

3rd times the charm.. anyway, these eggs are gorgeous ms mo.. love the fabric eggs, and the crepe wreath. so now that easter is almost over, doo tell us who had to hide the eggs, and who won the pedometer contest?? good thing you aren't on the east coast, as many molandians are hunting for eggs in the snow.... this isn't too bad as long as the eggs are colored, otherwise it would take forever to find them.. hopefully the color stays on the egg in the snow too!! hope your easter is as wonderful as you are!! hugs.. christa

Barbara said...

Gorgeous eggs, Miss Mo. I shall be first in line at Amy's shop come spring 2008 - I just love all your tiny decos & eggstravagant elegance. As for the pedometer & the 10,000 step hooha, i heard that as well & I chose to ignore it. Especially since my 10,000 steps always ends up a whole lotta round trips to the fridge & back. But I sure hope you won the contest since hiding all those eggs can be a back-breaking experience, and why not give those male neighbors o' yours an Easter treat by making Jo hide them...after all, bending over with a tube top on can put many a guy in a good mood for Bunny Day ;) Hope you have a wonderful Easter, Mo!

ginger said...

Hi Mo, love your eggs. Can you email me, not sure if I am having site issues or what but I can't get in. Thanks!


Happy Easter :)

Anonymous said...

Those eggs are amazing! I want to go ahead and get on Amy's list for them next year. I would love to know who keeps making these discoveries that are supposed to keep us fit as a fiddle. I am still working on that 8 glasses of water a day one. Anything past 5 and I am locked to a 40 step away circle from the nearest ladies room. Now I have to worry about taking 10,000 steps to get there! I'll have to run.


KimberlyP said...

Wow those eggs are beautiful!

Trish said...

Oh my! I think your blog is the most delightful thing I have read EVER! I found you via Amy @ Inspire co. and so glad I did! I will be back to visit very, very often. Well, off to buy a pedometer. You have inspired me!