celebratin' siblings

happy brthday queenie sister
i'm sorry i don't yet know how to do up a mo-tube to document and display for you the disappearance o' the doggy doo dad den dilemma and the development of true sisterly love! my dear friend gail deserves not only my undyin' devotion for dolin' out the winnin' dilemma dissolver but her choice o' doo dads designed for delivery via download.

after less than 24 hours o' doin' as directed, tinkerbelle has actually done some frolickin' with her baby sister. we are all beside ourselves with glee as tink's refusal to be a big sister to coco has weighed heavily upon us all. the only thing we have done differently is pay attention to tink first and more dramatically and make it appear we are protectin' her from the smaller fluffy female. i was concerned that this would cause chaos to coco's self-esteem but at her young age she seems completely oblivious to anything other than the joy of bein' alive.

i guess it's like almost everything else in's always the simplest things that work best....even in seemingly serious sibling situations.

i am thinkin' that gail's solution was exactly what mini's grandfather may have been implementin' when he introduced my much, much older sister queenie to her new baby sister in the snap above. it appears at the time the shot was taken she is not yet convinced that this tiny creature should be welcomed into her royal kingdom but subsequent photos show true love quickly developed. in fact queenie has never been able to get enough of her much younger lil sister - she was after all the first to call me 'mo' - obviously expressin' her desire to have 'more' of me at all times.

hopefully her highness will take a break from her royal duties today and stop by my humble blogdom to read my birthday greetings to her. everyone should be lucky enough to have a much older sister and i am so glad queenie is mine.


Jan said...

so cute! :)
my pups are brothers (from the same litter), and while they occasionally fight with each other (just like human siblings!), for the most part, they are quite content with each other. They share the same (very large) crate, and take turns sitting by the window, protecting us from strangers. But they don't like sharing me, and do compete for my attention. It sometimes approaches the ridiculous. But one of pups has attached himself more to the boys when they are home, and the other stays by my side all day, no matter who else is home. It took them a bit to settle in to this pattern though.
I hope your furry girls can work it out. I still don't get along with my sister! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gail, hound whisperer is IN!! Wonderful advice and I'm so happy that you got the fast actin' type too, with Flo adding to the mix soon Miss Tink will need to have everything in order. Sounds like it's gonna be one big happy family.

Wishing Queenie the happiest of birthdays too!


Anonymous said...

so glad all the pups are happy now and doing well. I guess Miss Tink just needed to know she was still "queen" of the lap. ;) Happy birthday dear Queenie.


Jan, aka Milly & Nana Sugar someday... said...

oh, mo, sounds like you got a whole lotta puppylove goin' on at your house, and more to come.

munchie was ten when i brought home four-month old maggie moo, and she did NOT like her at all. my breeder told me that it usually takes three weeks for an older dog to adjust to a new pup, and sure enough, i just left them alone, and one day munchie decided that she was maggie's mother, and she has loved her ever since.

i've been so looking forward to a pix of the new little sweetheart, and she is quite the little cutey patootie. nothing in the whole world better than a new pup, well unless it's two, and if you are lucky enough to get them young enough that they still have puppy breath, omg, it's pure bliss. puppy breath is definitely a girl thing, guys don't get it, women love it.

huge hugs from jan & the m&m's in heavensville...

Anonymous said...

So glad you got that pooch problem worked out Mo, although I was secretly hoping you might have to call the Whisperer so I could see you on the telly dear. I know Hank would be an unhappy pooch if I brought a new pup into his territory and diverted my attention to it. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Queenie.

Anonymous said...

that is such a nice birthday greeting for your big sister mo! and such a peaceful resolution between the pooches too. my little zippy has 13 sisters and bothers, step ones, blood ones, faux ones and assorted visitor ones when she visits her own MiMi and she never even seems to notice there is another hound around. one more blessing that comes with the bobble headed dog who looks like katherine hepburn :)

robin said...

That is the sweetest birthday message ever! I love it and you.

Anonymous said...

so glad tink is a happy camper now and playing with coco.. she just needed to know coco wasn't a visitor... congrats that fur will not be flying.. Happy Happy Birthday to ms. Queenie.. terrific blog bd wish!! Have a great day Queenie~~ :) Hugs Christa

Anonymous said...

So glad things are lookin' up in the canine sisterhood, Mo!

Happiest of birthdays to your dear sister...being a sibling with only 3 brothers, I envy your relationship :) (however, I am {selfish} and never would have done well with a sister...Caroline being of the same we're just where we needta be)


Anonymous said...

So glad to be of help Missy Mo! After I read your post I realized that that's what I've been doing all along. I've 'collected' down and out animals. Each time that I brought a new one into our home I always felt sorry for the ones that lived there already and showered tons of attention on them. I didn't want them to think that they were being replaced. The newest addition to our collection is a rescued cockatiel. The cockatiel that we already had was in such a snit until we realized that she wanted attention. She was fine after we started to fuss over her first!