sibling rivalry

 coco 'n flo
since unfortunately i was blessed with only one child, i never experienced siblin' rivalry as a mother...or even as a siblin' for that matter. i adored my brother michael the football star (as does everyone who meets him) and my sister's IQ was in those triple digits and she was magna-cum-everything and named queenie and for most o' our childhood, wore a crown (NOT a tiara - those are for mere princesses).

i couldn't play football (tho i did often play around with those who could) and never read a book until i got to college (but still made good grades by turnin' in fabulous book reports where i made up not only the story i pretended to read but the author, book name and even the book numbers). the closest i ever came to royalty was when i was football sweetheart and then - wouldn't ya' know - they crowned me with a mere tiara that was just on as you can clearly see spendin' time rivalin' while growin' up was not time well spent.

therefore i am at a loss at what to do now that this sort o' behavior is occurin' right under my nose. mini got coco - her own lil biddy un-dog - for her birthday and tinkerbelle hasn't been very welcomin'. i had envisioned the two lil ones frolickin' up and down the long hallways and cuddlin' up together and once coco got a bit bigger, tink even sharin' her closet o' canine couture with her lil sister - and they are actually sisters - so i had no reason to doubt the days ahead would be filled with fluffy, furry fun.

but tink will have nothin' whatsoever to do with coco. coco has tried just about everything to get her to play and tink just turns up her nose and goes to someplace the baby pup can't get to. but no matter where she is, she keeps her coal black eyes on me...watchin' every move i make and listenin' to every baby-talk word spoken to coco - like she's keepin' a list. i am at a loss as to what to do. especially now that mini started back to school this week. both girls wanna sit right on top o' me so my day is spent havin' two tiny white fluffballs jumpin' back and forth across my lap - tink tryin' to get away from coco but still stay close to me and coco followin' close behind.

in the next few days i'm afraid it's gonna get worse. there was one remainin' pup from the batch coco came from and once jo saw the boofy bouffant on the lil barker (on the right in the top picture), she decided she can't live without when she returns this week from her wal-marts across america tour, we'll have three! i do so hope at least two of 'em will be friends! i can't stand for my home to be full o' fightin' fluff! i could use some helpful hints on healin' and harmony if anyone o' you has some to offer!

i guess you can tell i'm pretendin' i wasn't missin' in action for the whole summer! if you'll humor me for now i promise to meet you here regularly now that mini isn't home all day....unless of course one o' these teeny tiny fuzzballs turns vicious and attacks me.


Gail said... sure have your...ummm...lap full!!! Cats are easier than dogs. You just leave them alone until they decide to make friends and who's the boss. I Googled and came up with this. It makes a lot of sense.

'As more and more people adopt or buy multiple dogs, we come across a common problem of inter dog aggression developing inside the house. Most of the time it is caused by the dogs not yet forming correct pack order or human not being the pack leader within the house.

In the first case, the dogs simply can’t figure out who's higher in pack order between them. Best way to correct this is to help them in everyway you can to establish a stable order. A lot of times when a new dog is brought into the house the older dog doesn’t want to give up its place.

It is the owner’s responsibility to help the animals establish their pack order as fast as possible. For this to happen it is important to show the weaker and younger dog that the older member of the pack is higher. If two dogs are fighting each other then correct the younger dog even if the fight was started by the older dog. Feed, walk, and play with the younger dog after you have done so with the older dog. Give older dog more attention, bones, and toys.'

Give it a try before you go gray!!! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

sounds like the doo dad den has gone to the dogs....literally! I never had a problem with any of my dogs accepting each other but I have heard that it is harder for older dogs to tolerate puppy behavior so hopefully, as the puppies get older and slow down a bit, Tink will feel more comfortable with them.


Anonymous said...

So great to find a new blog tonight! xooxox to you and I must offer my tip which runs in line with Gail's Googling.

First, you must catch Jo before she ends up in your neighborhood where a Wal*Mart is nowhere to be found. Have her pick up two Kate Spade wannabes, one for Coco, and one for Flo. Put those two sweet things in their vinyl knock-offs and plant them somewhere in Tink's view. Nothing spells out the pecking order near LA like immitation accessories.

Good luck with the new addition - I'm looking forward to the girls all dressed up as the Supremes at Halloween!


robin said...

i think tracy has the right idea. nothin' like a bit of competition to set things straight amongst a group of girls who all have faux leather bags and an eye for the top spot on yer lap. i'm a one dog girl myself. i have a hard enough time sharing the stage with zippy let alone havin' any other girlz competing for the lime light. good to see yo have some company with that mini goin' back to school.

Anonymous said...

First off I have to say that I'm just tickled pink to see you in bloggin mode again Mo. As for the finicky feudin furballs well you've already gotten some sage n sound advice from Gail, Tracy & Robin. If that doesn't work then about the only thing I can suggest is that you call in that TV fella. You know, the one who whispers to dogs and they immediately become the perfect pet. Maybe he can come fix the problem for you since he probably lives somewhere in your neighborhood. Besides, if you did that then we'd all get to see you on TV...your problem would be solved and we would forever have braggin rights about personally knowing a real live TV star.

Anonymous said...

oh my Mo... I can't say I am going to be much help here, having never been a dog owner myself, but I am sure it would be the same as anything.. children act this way when a newborn is added, and it is just like anything... gail, robin and tracy has posted great advice.. I just think once flo comes home full time and tink sees flo and coco having fun romping and playing, that tink will chime in... tink just needs to know she will always be "top dog" in your eyes, and realize the other two are not going anywhere, and she will relax a bit.. she may feel right now that coco is visiting. once she realizes coco is home to stay, she will be the big 'sis" and will start sharing her closet couture with smiles... love the pics of the white furries, and so glad to see you blogging again.. hugs ms Mo.. xoxo Christa

Anonymous said...

You know, Mo...this reminds me a lot of the relationship between 2 of my lil' human pets around this household-my daughter and a certain of her brothers who's currently at the 'rather-annoying-little-puppy-stage'. I think Gail's google suggestion has some merit, but it doesn't sound to me like Tink is being aggressive against Coco...just passive, annoyed and perhaps jealous. I would guess that she may never be really fond of her younger sis (as is the case of my munchkins), but will eventually get used to the new normal and that you love her every bit as much as you always have. If you do all the special things with Tink that she loves, and have separate special ways to show Coco love (realizing that she is a bit more demanding at this age), that would give them both what they are looking for. Best wishes with the sibling rivalry...I hope they each find a happy and comfy place in your home :)

xoxo Kristin

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof... woof. Argff ruff ruff woof, ruff. Woof ruff woof.


Saucy said...

Missy Mo, we just got a new pup 'round these parts too and I'm afraid we're in the exact same spot as you but I suspect you'll get things under control before I will as my dear pup will top ninety pounds before all is said and done and Loopy's white puff-ball ain't takin' too kindly to his arrival!

I think I'll try Gail's advice too and see how it goes for us. Best 'o luck!

kpollinger said...

OMG that is SUCH a cute puppy! Wow!

Unfortunately I don't have any dog related advise as we have two cats. I did get a kitten for the first time in my life and after a month of wondering if she'd survive her own lack of intelligence, I fell deeply in love, to the chagrin of our older cat. Almost a year later and the big one tolerates the little one - who constantly torments her. Sometimes I even find them "accidently" touching!

jayne said...

I was so worried you had gone and left for good since your last post was so long ago!

Congrats on the newest additions...they are beautiful and Mini is looking divine as mini-adult! :)