ribbon revelation

the last thing jo said to me before settin' out on her long road trip was that she'd wring my neck if she returned to find my ribbon collection in the same big tangled mess it took her almost two weeks straight to get organized. since i take all jo's threats seriously, i truly tried to keep all the ribbons in order by color and coiled perfectly just as they were when she pulled the silver bullet outta the driveway. i'm not sure how it happened but in no time they were once again just a big ol shiny pile o' tangled trimmins' - as you can see in the before pictures.

i have a hard time believin' it was me who is responsible. maybe it was tink. i do, afterall, have this picture i could hurl toward jo if i wanted to place all the blame on the fluffy lil creature. but jo would just say tink was tryin' to get them all straightened up again.

however it was that they got all tangled again, i had to act quickly to fix 'em back up.it was finally time for me to figure out some solution that would actually work for me. i've tried just about everything...jo's coils, racks in all shapes and sizes, my dear mason jars, big bins...i could go on and on....if you've seen or heard of it i've tried it. each one of 'em worked...if i wanted to just ADMIRE my colorful collection. but none of 'em worked after one search for whatever it was i needed. the end result was always the same big tangled mess.

it was time for one o my three hour tours of the hardware store with the mission o findin' the perfect ribbon rack for a piggly person who can't keep things neat but hates anything outta place.

i took tink and coco along for moral support and we traveled up and down every aisle - all thirty-two of 'em. of course along the way i found many items i couldn't live without - so many in fact that at one point i was afraid i'd have to take the girls outta the basket to keep 'em from gettin' squashed. when we hit aisle number thirty-two outta thirty-two without findin' a solution to my dilemma i started tryin' to figure out how i could get all the coilin' done in such a short period o time. but at the very end o that very last aisle, my perfect ribbon rack was waitin' for me. it was diquised as a hook of some kind to hang a bicycle on but i wasn't fooled for a minute. it was just the thing i'd been needin' all my ribbon rackin' life!

as you can see in the 'after' shot, this set-up might not work for everyone but it is more than perfect for me! it took me no time to pitch the ribbons all on and now when i need one of 'em i can easily poke through the whole shabang to find what i want....and the best thing is - i actually put everything back when i'm done! i'm tryin' to get the rest o the doo dad den organized but when that's done i'll make my new ribbon setup a bit neater but for now i am more than pleased with it!

i'd love to be one o those less-piggly artists capable of inspirin' you with lots o pretty supply set-ups...i must accept that i will never be in that group. i'm hopin' a coupla you visitors are more on the piggly side too and can also solve your trimmin' troubles with a ribbon rack disguised as a bike hook!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miss Mo! Brilliant solution and if you ever want to go back to mason jars you can always hang Jo on one hook and Mimi on the other if they get outta line! Love the shot of Tink all beribboned... I'm thinking she was in there finding the best pink ribbon to tie Coco up, to keep her out of her hair.

I've yet to tackle my doo dad/sewing/scrapping den. I'll take some inspiration from you and dive in once I've secured a safety rope around my ankle.


Anonymous said...

You are one crafty lady Missy Mo. the bike hook is a great idea. I used to use one of those fancy tie rack holders that have the arms that swing out and put different colors on each arm. Then, when I went digital, I pitched them all in the trash can and let the garbage man set me free. lol I keep a few favorite must haves around for emergencies but they are all coiled on their tube and stored in drawers.

I think Tracy may have an idea with that Tink theory looking to tie up Coco. :)


Anonymous said...

this is perfect ms mo!! same thing I did for my DMC floss for cross stitchin.. used a guys nuts & bolts keeeper (I picked it up at sears) that I added numbers on the drawers to keep em in order and easy to get at.. Love the adorable pic of Tink with the ribbon in her mouth.. adorable to say the least!! Won't Jo be surprised to see what you came up with to sort the ribbons out.. you are a genious there Mo!! Hugs.. Christa

Anonymous said...

i don't think inspiration is so much what i need to solve my piggly wiggly problems but a bestest frind to come over and do my chores with me. i'm just the kind of person that thrives on a lot of laughter and break takin' for snacks with a pal when i am tryin' to tie things up. zippy is a good companion for the keepin' me company part but dang it that girl is lazy when it comes to chores!

that is one fantastic lookin' ribbon fest mo!
xoxoxox robin

Bettsi McComb said...

Mo, that is pure genius! I think it looks very festive too. I'm thinking on how to do that with my ribbons now. Thank you for sharing that!