candy costumes for red cross donations!

red cross candy couture
when i was seven my wonderful grandfather gave me a ring with my birthstone in it. it was an emerald cut alexandrite (not quite sure that's how it's spelled but i guess it's a bit late for me to start bein' concerned with spellin' dontcha think?) in a dainty gold setting. it was of course the first piece o' jewelry i had ever received besides the pin i got when joinin' the blue birds. then when i was eight that same incredible grandfather gave me my first watch. since my family's idea of jewels leaned more toward soap on a rope than anything insurable, i wasn't gifted with any other precious metals or gleamin' gems until my first true love jerry fairchild gave me a gold bangle bracelet the summer before we headed off to college.

by the time i was out o college my birthstone ring didn't fit any more, the timex no longer kept time and the bangle bracelet was pretty much mangled. and though i had started rakin' in a bevy o baubles from the dashin' dare devils i dated, those first pieces o jewelry were, along with my bluebird pin, my most prized possessions. while the blue bird pin was always safe in the top drawer of my mom's dresser, the ring, watch and bracelet were kept in the lil velvet box the bracelet had come in.

i am not sure how it happened but the lil velvet box got lost when i left my last residence in texas. i didn't even realize it was missin' for a couple of years but when i did it made my sick to my stomach and still does whenever i think about it disappearin'. for a few years i kept hopin' it would turn up in one o my boxes of art supplies or photos but after a while had to accept that it was really gone. at least i knew my blue bird pin was in a safe place...or at least i thought it was. when i cleaned out my mom's house after she died and it was no longer in the top drawer of her dresser, i was sure i'd come across it in one of the other places she stashed the family heirlooms but unfortunately it never materialized.

when i watched hurricane katrina unfold on the television screen i felt really guilty that i had ever even mourned the loss of those tiny lil pieces o my past and vowed not to ever think about them again. of course with the passage of even such a short period o time, my promise not to think about my lost trinkets faded and i have to admit i have thought about them now and then. but...after a week of watching my fellow california citizens sift through the ashes that were once their homes full of their own precious trinkets and photographs and beloved doo dads, i feel i have no right to ever think about 'em again.

i have to figure out how to really help the poor people who have lost their homes... i would certainly need someone to help me if i i suffered the same loss. for the time bein', since i am sure many of you feel the same way i do, i thought i'd provide a way for us to do something that could be done quickly and you'll please make a donation of at least five dollars to the red cross and send me a copy o the email receipt they send you, i'll send you these delightful doo dads! i'm sure you must have some naked candy in need o halloween costumes and you can't find any more festive than these created with doo dads by my dear friends lori, bettyc, christa and lisar. even if you've already dressed your candy for this halloween, you can always get 'em now and use 'em for every halloween from now on!

the red cross web address is and i am pretty sure they take all sorts o credit cards. once you have your proof o donation just shoot me a copy to and i will send along file for you to download halloween costumes for your neeked candy bars and lifesavers as well as some instructions for gettin' 'em printed and on the candy. if you have any questions please send 'em along and for all who participate, let me thank you ahead o time! and if any o you ever hear me whinin' about losin' my earliest momentos please feel free to remind me of those who have been left with nary a one!


Anonymous said...

Missy Mo, I think it is a wonderful idea to help get donations for the Red Cross. As someone whose mother lost everything in a house fire including her beloved pets, I can truly appreciate the horror these people face. And while it is sad to lose momentos and things that you treasure, it is the memories that you hold so dear of those items that make them special and you will always have those stored in the cute little velvet box of your heart and mind. ;) Bless your BIG ole heart for wanting to help others.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the heartache those poor folks are feeling. I think scrappers are people who very easily identify with having your heartstrings tied up around momentos big and small, and to lose them all would be devastating. What a sweet way of helping Mo -- you are the best.


Anonymous said...

Great way of helping out the S Ca. fire victims Mo... you are so right re having those sweet trinkets of our past disappear.. I can't even imagine ..there is such devastation out there, and every day looking at what everyone lost their homes and all is so sad.. anything at all is terrific to help out with. Thank you for your kindness my dear... XO Christa

Anonymous said...

as always mo you wear your warm and caring heart on your sleeve and challenge us all to do the same. in the name of compassionate and generosity i salute you our beloved bluebird girl!!
xoxoxox robin