jo returns!

good friends
too bad that not everyone who the cyber bullies focus their beady eyes upon has a whole community of incredible friends to take care of any de-bashin' needed! i am certainly appreciative of each and every one of 'em as well as all the complete strangers who have written me over the past week.

and wouldn't you know....just when the second annual mo-bash reached it's height, my dear cousin jo returned! seems queenie decided to give her a break from carin' for my dear auntie paula in dallas and she arrived just in time to help tracy put the final touches on moland's annual 'can you still fit into last summer's swimsuit' pagent. since this event coincided with so many people wantin' to check out all the doo dads, a new twist was added so that the ever so snug swimsuits and delightful doo dads could be properly represented together.

the only kink in the whole day of fun and games was that we had a well known designer show up and try to capitalize on the whole event by pushin' her set o' boxer knockoffs at every turn. poor dear....stealing someone else's original idea and passing it off as doin' a good deed....everyone has been shocked that she would ever do such a thing and as you can see, in her haste to do so, she got a lil bashed up herself. but we didn't let her ruin the day. two losers were announced for still being able to fit into last year's, of course....and zee, who has always eaten like a bird and may need a smaller suit this year. we'll try not to hold it against her.

i wanna thank each and every one of you for writin' me. i am still attemptin' to write everyone who has emailed but as always, i am runnin' behind. i am also a bit behind in sendin' out passwords for access to the lil shop so don't fret - i am workin' around the clock. and those still wantin' the original boxers three rather than faux ones, just send along an email and i'll let you know where you can find 'em.

mini says thank you too.

added a bit later....just got a post that i deleted....only because it had my dear friend amy's address and it should not show publically....the person - Anonymous of course - leaving the following comment - was from santa fe, new mexico and their IP number is via comcast cable at lat/long 35.678.-105.9597....and this was their misinformed comment:

Mini? is there really a Mini Mo?? is there really a Mo Jackson? me thinks Amy Powers & Mo Jackson are one & the same, my dear. nice story about your "daughter" running across the meanies, tho.

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2005-04-16
Registration Date.... 2005-04-16
Expiry Date.......... 2008-04-16
Organisation Name.... Amy Powers
Organisation Address. (address removed)
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

in an effort to make sure this is a rumor i can knock outta the nice it would be if any one human could get the amount o' work done that amy and i are capable of each on our own! if this person was truly interested instead of just a rukus raker they would be able to see that we really are two individual people - one on the west coast and the other on the east but very close just the same. also, with a lil reading this anonymous person would discover that the reason the domain name is lised as amyis that without her i'd have no domain....she lovingly set everything up for me way back when. and finally, i am actually the mother of a daughter and create original digital art for delivery via download and amy is a lovely shop owner and inspires many through her wonderful products and kind heart. and you dear anonymous, need to find something more productive to do than post comments containing imaginary stories.


Anonymous said...

I saw the faux boxers and laughed right out loud at the "community service" she was providing. My goodness, Mo, but you provide such "inspiration". I would love to see the "inspired" masses come up with a truly unique idea on their own. What a novelty that would be!!! I guess imitation truly is the sincerest form of least that's what you can tell yourself to make the copycattin' sting a little less!

xoxoxoxoxo, my dear.


Jan, aka Milly and someday I'll be either Daisy or Nana Sugar said...

Bullies run in packs, because they are too cowardly to act alone...

But Mo's friends run in DROVES, and never hesitate to stand alone to defend our much loved Mo... bullies beware, you don't have a chance...

((huge group hug))

now about fitting into those snug swimsuits... WHAT??? A SWIMSUIT???? you're kidding, right.....

Michelle (aka Michellesmyname) said...

Yeaaaaah, I'd really appreciate if we could leave my swimsuit out of this! It's safer that me. :-)

Now to be fair Mo, I do feel a bit sorry for those other designers. They have to steal your ideas because they don't have any of their own, and no one would like them otherwise. It's the digital equivalent of hanging a porkchop around their neck.

Luv 'Ya!!

Anonymous said...

It will be great to have Jo back home but I imagine things will be a little quiet in Dallas now with her gone. I'm sending Aunt Paula my very best get well wishes.

How thoughtful of the faux boxer producer to come to your aid and illustrate perfectly why the gates are closed to designers and their CT packs.

** While not all 'designers'/CT women steal and bash, those that are mean are also loud (even when they have no idea what they're talking about) and drown out the rest of them. Except for the few that are brave enough to speak out. Bless them.

Mini dear, the people that do know your mama love her dearly and support her.


PS I see that I've been doing some spot reducing on my neck area! hee hee :)

Anonymous said...
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Christa said...

So sorry to hear that Aunt Paula is under the weather and hope that she has a speedy recovery. That was so nice of Queenie to send Jo back for the Swimsuit Pageant.. she looks beautiful as do T & Z in the photo shown...

re the faux boxers.. omg...they at least show the layout made with your original.. then right underneath they show the knock offs.. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see who the copycatters are.. the saying "the proof is in the pudding" sorta comes to mind here.

Guilty bullies always yell the loudest...sorta like the kid who steals a hunk of cake and has icing all over his face and then tells his mother "I didn't do it"...if the buyers do not see the truth here....I am glad though that some have written you directly to purchase the originals...

Hugs my dear..we are right here for you!!

Kris said...

All I can say is nothin' beats the original! I'm so glad there is no question whatsoever about who's idea was truly original when it comes to the boxers. (and I'm glad to know the best and have the best!) XOXO

BTW...I just ordered a new swimsuit for this year,'s TOO snug. Maybe I should enter the contest for those leftovers from last year-perhaps that one is stretched out enough that it will still work for me! :D

Anonymous said...

My regards to your dear auntie Mo...she is blessed to have caring family to look after her.

Actually, I wasn't in the least surprized when the faux boxers started appearing...people always want what they think (however misguided the thought) they can't have and there is always an OPPORTUNIST lurking in the background somewhere just waiting to take advantage. But the fact is that a KNOCK-OFF is exactly that, a KNOCK-OFF regardless of how well it is done or by which OPPORTUNIST. And they wonder why they aren't allowed to peruse your shelves looking for their "creative" ideas.

I think I have told you this before but I will say it again...try your best to consider it as a compliment of the highest order regardless of the slimey, sneaking, back-handed way it was bestowed on you dear.

And would you please give your fantasy daughter Mini and your imaginery friend Amy a big ole hug from me...bless your, and both their, hearts for having to put up with such absolute maliciousness.

OrianaVianey said...

Dear MO:
I hope my adress is one of those on hold and not one banned... I really have some cash waiting to burn and some love ready to spread... hehehe
BTW I have boxers 2 from you and I definetly need boxers 3

Anonymous said...

You totally crack me up Mo!! When I saw your Boxers 3 in layouts, I was falling all over myself to get my hands on them. I've seen the faux ones...and I've seen them in layouts. They are faux's...and they certainly aren't Mo's!!! I have no idea what I'm going to do with mine...but they will sit here on my hd just waiting till I'm ready. They are even more fabulous than I imagined them to be!! I want ALL your boxers now!! My paypal needs a break though...I'm headed on a European vacation in two weeks. We'll see how much moolah I have when I get back!!!