momade flowers
i've been sick - AGAIN- and thought i'd better admit to it here in blogdom and ask for forgiveness from all who have emailed me this past week and have been gettin' annoyed that i have not yet responded. i was already behind before i fetched a few degrees o' fever but friday finds me feelin' in finer form so i am hopin' to empty all mailboxes before my head hits the pillow tonight!

i have a problem doin nothin' even when i'm sickly so while my head was too fuzzy for fetchin' emails durin' my fever fest, i was able to continue plantin' my indoor garden while reclinin' on the ol' shabby couch. thought i'd put up a few o' the felt variety o' flowers to brighten your friday. hope the rest o' you are stayin' healthy....and of course happy!

p.s. wow....i just found many many emails in the yahoo spam file....looks like i am much much more behind than i ever thought. if you have been waitin' a REEEAALLYY long time to hear back from me, please please forgive me...i had no idea that i needed to check there! you will hear from me lickety split!


paula clare said...

Oh no! Poor Mo! I will say a prayer for you this evening...and will drink a cup of chicken soup in your honor. Certainly folks can appreciate the "head full of mud" feeling that comes along with being sick this time of year...I have had several "near misses." A friend of mine has not been so lucky as to have dodged the flu bullet...she said she's experiencing "deja flu." BOO! FEEL BETTER!

Jan, aka Milly and someday I'll be either Daisy or Nana Sugar said...

girl, i feel your pain, i'm sick, too. i've been trying to scrap between coughing spasms, and i'm tired of my own sick self to be perfectly honest.

get well soon, dear heart, i too have been emailing you.

so just put my emails aside for now, you have more important issues to deal with.


Anonymous said...

I so hope that you're feeling much better by morning. Love the little cup o' cheer... so darn cute. I'm sending a big pot of virtual homemade chicken soup your way. Cuddle up with those two fluffballs and get well.


Anonymous said...

So sorry you have been sick again.. girl get some vita-meta-vegimin and spoon your way to Lucy would say... really Mo, I am glad you are feeling better today.. some good ol chicken soup or better yet some Matzoh ball soup generally will have you feeling better in no time.. in the meantime I have to tell you just how GORGEOUS those felt flowers are.. I love the blueish ones with all the little curls on them.. your bouquet is gorgeous.. feel better my dear.. re the emails, I am sure you will get to everyone in no time... I have trouble keeping up sometimes with the few I get!! XO Mo, and keep warm and eat some soup... we love ya and want you back to feeling better!! XO Christa

robinbird said...

i would like some of the virtual flowers and that chicken soup alberta has promised. i love this bouquet mo! i wish i had that kind of focus when i am sick. i would aim to be sick at least once a month! poor mo. i know it isn't fun :(
xoxox to go along with your soup.

Jeanne said...

Please hurry and get well.
I love love love your journal

Anonymous said...

oh gawsh all mighty you too?
I'm so sick the dog is lookin' at me pitiful. Came to check my emails and browse for no apparent reason in a fever, blogs.
Get well soon.
Jeannie (jrlggrits)

Anonymous said...

Well, your body may be sick but your creativity sure isn't! I love the new previews in the forums of doo dads to come. Sending lots of well wishes abd hugs your way. Take care and get lots of rest....and get plenty of chocolate....I mean liquids. ;)


WendyW said...

Wow! You made those out of felt? You're amazing! I hope you get feeling better soon.

La Donna Welter - Vintage Photo-Oil Artist said...

Dear Mo....hope your feeling better soon!
La Donna

linda said...

Oh me oh my, this pot of delights is GORGEOUS!! You do the nicest work!!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

You do get sick out there awful often... that nasty stuff has been going around here, too, though. I wish Jo woulda let me know she was in TX, I would've flown SouthWest up to Love Field and we could have gotten into trouble together for a day.

For some reason, I haven't been able to find your blog for awhile, so I had some catchin' up to do... wish I could take my cudgel to those meanies. I live in a neighborhood of the un-cyber kind of meanies, and I need to write you a long, private e-mail soon.

I have had so little time to scrap that I haven't seen any faux stuff. I pick up a few brushes here & there, and all my doo dads come from you. All your stuff is so wonderfully mix & match--sort of like the sophisticated version of Grrranimals for scrapbooking. I wouldn't know what to do with anything else. Everytime I do have a chance to scrap a bit, pullin' out my doo dads is like opening my treasure chest--looking at BGs to choose the one that sets a photo of just right, auditioning ribbons and bows--it's heaven. Nothing else would be as fun. I feel sorry for the buyers of the faux stuff. I may not have time to scrap much lately, but if my house caught fire, I'd save my babies and my external hard drive with my doo dads and my photos!