mailin' momades

i worked like a demon doo dad'n designer to finish up a big batch o' momades for inspired amy. when i finally finished i asked for a shippin' box and plopped down on the shabby couch for a small rest while i waited for the cardboard bin to arrive in the doo dad which time i would pack up all the momades and send them on their way. but i was so tired i fell fast asleep and woke up long after the day's shippin' deadline.....nary a thing left moland for inspired amy's waiting hands.

i felt so guilty for not gettin' the goods on their way that i used up the time i had til the next shippin' opportunity to dress each of my makin's up in their own lil outfit. i think all but one or two of 'em ended up in cute but sort'a rustic lil 'dresses' tied with the twine jo bought for mini to tie her tamales up with (mini's latest cookin' feat is to make a batch of every variation of tamale known to mankind with a different kind o' chocolate cake baked between each batch to cleanse our palette for a proper tamale taste test).

i finally got the brown carton out the door and to inspired amy but was further annoyed with myself to find all the lady chapeaus and additional fancy pin cushion eggs had somehow 'rolled' outasite and didn't make the trip this time 'round! i pondered, as i often do while deliverin' doo dads via's a good thing i don't support my family off my attempts at bein' a worldwidewebmerchant cause if i did mini, her daddy, jo and the many pets would starve to death.

thankfully i'm much better at actually makin' the goods than i am at ever gettin' 'em to leave the doo dad den. so for those o' you who have written me to complain about the few eggs disappearin' so fast....if you still desire one to arrive possibly after the big egg day, let amy know and i'll send the runaway batch in the next box. after all, they do make the most delightful pincushions all year round.



Anonymous said...

QUICK! Do a head count... I'm worried that Tink or Coco may have crawled in for a snooze and been sent east in that big box of beauties!

Your spring collection is gorgeous my dear. I hope you're healthy again and rested so your thoughts can turn to doo dad designin' and tamale eatin'.


Kris said...

Tamales AND chocolate cake?!? I'm ready for mini to set up her online shop and I'll need my order sent ALL the way to the east side now that we've relocated :)

I'll hafta stop by Amy's and see what you've been up to, Missy Mo!!

Anonymous said...

Love those mo made flower pins... I hope the pictures of them end up on the store shelves.. they are gorgeous along with the mo made spring collection.. you have outdone yourself once again Mo, and no wonder you are so tired.. get some rest, enjoy the tamales and choc cake... you deserve a rest my dear!! XO Christa

Meredith said...

your flowers are beautiful! as a non-Molandian (i promote digital art), i must tell you that i really am glad that you are moving past the unkind things that were said. your creations are beautiful and unique, and i respect you. can i borrow mini? i am craving some chocolate cake!!!! and i am dying to know what a momade is! the dresses are adorable!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazement Mo! Saying you are talented doesn't begin to cover it! I love what you made and judging by the way they were snatched off of Amy's shelf, so does everyone else! Spring is one it's way and you can rest up now. Nothing like kicking back munching on tamales and chocolate cake to give a soul renewed vigor.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart...all that work! I am sure Jo was in a frenzy fearing that anbother on of her tube tops might go missing and turn up as a handbag! I am thinking her brassière is probably big wnough to make quite a big shoulder satchel out of! lol Gotta head over to Inspire and see what I missed. Those flower pins sound fabulous.


Anonymous said...


Maija said...

I bought one of those wonderful eggs (in a pink bag) and it was very worth the wait! I love it!

Jenny Rebecca said...

Hello Mo -
I bought one of your darling hats for my daughter Parker. It was so cute I used it for her Easter hat even though it's still a little big for her. :o) Here is a link to a picture of her, I would love for you to see it!