what would martha say...

don't tell martha

back when martha still had her mail order catalog, she offered up this fancy wooden multi-tiered doo dad. she showed it all dolled up with little villages populated with those cute lil glittery cardboard houses and trees - all smothered in faux snow. it was so chamin' that i just had to oder one up to be fed-ex'd to put on the entry table here at the moland mansion.

while i saw it as havin' a multitude of holiday displayin' possibilities, no one else in my family thought much of my newly obtained 'thing'. i didn't let this squash my plans for usin' it though. when chistmas rolled around that year, jo and i were delighted to unveil our own vision o' martha's charmin' village - three tiers jammed packed with a twinklin' tinsel filled trailer park town. i am sure if i could find the shots we took from all sides, includin' from above, you'd agree it put martha's effort to shame - especially since ours included miniature versions o' the special park people we knew and loved durin' our youth and teeny plastic pink flamingos in pullin' santa's sled.

for some reason when christmas was packed away that year, martha's multi-tiered wooden doo dad got lost and i plum forgot all about it. but this year it reappeared and i discovered a more practical way to use it year round. maybe one o' you readers is also a disorganized messy artist lookin' for a way to work while keepin' lots o' itty bitty supplies to pick and choose from close at hand and can rig up somethin' similar.

i pondered for a long time how to make it work like a real lazy susan - you know - where it would twirl around so i could choose doo dads from all sides...but i'm not very mechanical and didn't have a clue how to do instead, i put wheels on the round table it sits upon and now with just a slight push, i have access to all sides without much effort!

i'm sure martha would not be pleased if she saw' her fancy multi-tiered 'thing' bein' used in such a way...although i am certain she would have been impressed when it debuted as a trailer park.

thanks so much for stoppin' by...if you have a better idea for this doo dad decoratin dilemma please share it! i am sure i'm not the only person who is constantly tryin' to invent solutions for the semi-hopeless.


...i haven't been able to access my yahoo mailbox for most of the past week so please forgive me if you wrote to me there and i have not responded....i'm headin' there now and have my fingers crossed it's up and runnin' again.


Jan, aka Milly and someday I'll be either Daisy or Nana Sugar said...

goodness, mo, you certainly did manage to doodad that all up, didn't you... you are one creative woman. your wheels just spin all the time...

i could see african violets on this, rows and rows of african violets that you could twirl around so the sun could hit them from all angles.

i've got spring fever, just the thought of any kind of fleur this time of year just makes my lil old heart go pitty-pat...

but if it was uncluttered it wouldn't be our mo, so you just leave it just like it is...

"i like you just the way you are."

~fred rogers


Anonymous said...

I love those Mo made egss perched on there and can easily envision it with tons of mo made eggs, flowers, chicks and bunnies all perched and posed upon it for the Easter holiday. Or even some lace dolilies on each layer and tons of cookies and candies stacked on there for entertaining. I am sure Martha would be proud to see that you also found a practical use for it as well as a decorating one.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mo, Please do look for the photos from the Xmas when you had the miniature trailer park!


Anonymous said...

I wanna see mini trailer park photos too!!!

Loving what's on display and dare I say that's the finest looking low calorie laden lazy susan I have ever seen! Just as pretty as one filled with cup cakes and dainties but much easier on the hips! You need all the help you can get with those chocolate cake stuffed Easter tamales being dropped off at the doo dad den!


Anonymous said...

this is lovely mo!! i like this all filled with your real doo dads and the thought of spinning it around to get at what you need.. i think martha would be proud to see it used year round. now I know you said you put wheels on the bottom and that seems to be working for you... i took a look at the pic again and it appears that it looks like it is resting in something that looks like a cake tin... a suggestion to make it work like a real lazy susan is to put same size marbles under it *really small same size marbles or small beads* under the tier in the cake tin.. that would raise it up just a teeny bit, but would allow you to give it that spin without tipping.
now personally while i do like it doo dadded for the season *i would love to see the trailer park village pics* i like it for your doo dads and see all the ribbons and your jars filled with buttons etc. the eggs reflected at the top are beautious.... on another note, i wanna know who this poor susan is.. all these years she has been tagged with this 'name' of being lazy, when in fact she was brilliant... 'a brilliant susan' though just doesn't have the same ring to it!! xo mo!! ~Christa

Chris said...

I remember that lazy susan and wanted one so much but it had all sold out by that time! You can get the turntable fixings in one of those wood furniture making catalogues - I think it just screws to the bottom somehow. Long before I knew this, I made a turntable from a Rubbermaid one. I had a devil of a time cutting the edge off. I was making a little clay toy shop at the time. When I finished with it I could have had all kinds of orders, but I'd had my fun by then so just moved on to the next project! Story of my life! I like all your goodies dripping from it!

Anonymous said...

I think I'd stick some candy on it or cupcakes.
or maybe I should just eat breakfast.

Lori said...

While I can imagine how wonderful you would decorate this "properly," I have to say, I love looking at all the doodads placed all around.

Rosa said...

It's perfect! I bought one of those too when her catalog was shutting down. Good bargain, I say. I have the dark wood one, but I fancy yours better. Great idea. Hmmm, should I drag mine out? I think not.

Kris said...

I think if Martha can make a million and one pretty little things from pinecones, glue, and flocking, she could be impressed with your "beautiful mess" o' doodads on display, Mo! I'm picturing it loaded with all sorts of delightful dark chocolates, some on display for easy grabbins and some in delighgully doo-dadded boxes. Perhaps that would be for Valentine's Day, but I'd take it that way year 'round. You'd have to keep it out of the poochies paw reach, but otherwise, I do believe that would be divine!!! ;D
Happy Easter!

Lydia said...

I think it's smart! I had 2 half sides of a great metal 3-tiered plant stand put together to make a circle on my dining room table for a home show in Dec., and left it there-kept on adding art to it so I could feel good about my completed artwork.
The rest of the house was cleaned up.It kept things neat, albeit full.I bet Martha would think that it was a useful way to organize the studio! and so color-pretty-full!!!

Lydia (Beauty Will Surely Save the World)

Meredith said...

i think this is cute! i have baby food on my lazy susan! :) but back before my baby feeding days, I used it to make my tiny jars of buttons and ribbon and brads more accessible. i would LOVE to see your trailer park version, though!

Cheryl said... is 2:13 A.M. here and I am awake for no good reason but lo and behold...I stumbled upon you and now there is a VERY good reason!

I love Amy (Inspire Co.) and saw your Momades a couple weeks ago on her site, drooled a bit and rather casually wondered "who" this "Mo" was who "made." So tonight or this morning or whatever it is I was back in Amy's shoppe and decided to click on you and found your blog. I have no earthly idea what your digital doo-dads are (they sound enchanting, though, and I might need to find out what they are!) but I have to say I am just IN LOVE with your blog, your writing-style, your wit and the way you make it nearly impossible to read your blog without hearing a Southern drawl in my mind! I am adding you to my list of favorite blogs "right-quick" and will be back for more just as soon as you serve it up!

Big Hugs to you...
Cheryl :)

paula clare said...

Hi Mo,
I just stopped by to say I love, LOVE LOVE the new shoppe! Much more user friendly, sooooooooo appealing. I just want to linger for hours looking and ogling everything! You simply have to be one of the most creative minds in all of blogdom...

wings said...

oh, oh, oh! I want to see that trailer park village!!! If I had my own trailer, I would order a supersize can of glitter, paint the trailer with glue, and start dumping on the glitter. I might even get someone to make me one of the first tiers of that big Marth doo dad of yours and shove the trailer up on top and get me some sparkly steps up to it.

AK-shually, I just bought some little doo dads that are similar, with plans to paint them gold, drill holes to hang crystals from the edges, and set them on my side board with faux desserts. There's a little shop near by that has the cutest fake cup cakes, fake chocolate-covered strawberries, petits fours, etc. It drives my kids crazy. I just by the pink ones--they know if it's pink, it's not for them!

I sure do enjoy peeking at your pile o' doo dads. What an artful array! Martha should be so talented.

dogfaeriex5 said...

hi mo!
i love your banner and your blog, can you please email me offline, i have a question for you..

judy woodruff said...

Mo - Please - you're killin' me!! I'm a loyal customer back in the day (last year). when i saw you had changed your M.O. I registered and waited and waited and waited like a puppy at the front door....but still i am in que, which is a word i cannot spell?
Please Mo, there is no one like you and no one who i have put msyelf thru such hoopsjust to permission to buy your stuff like i used to. Please please what can i do to come back into the fold?