a new dilemma in the doo dad den

my assistants
so i am beginnin' to think i am NOT supposed to be on the internet in any way. seems no sooner do i knock one barrier outta the way, somehow another one pops up. i am thinkin' this is a sign the internet gods are sendin' me and i am too hardheaded to hear what they are tryin' to say.

as i may have written here on the ol' blog, in july i experienced a website owner's worst nightmare - or at least the worst as i know it so far....i went to my site via ftp and there was nothin' there - seems someone decided to wipe me out completely. it has taken me from that first minute o' terror 'til now to get things almost back to normal. i still have much to do though so once again on saturday i sat down in my shabby pilot's chair to continue my repair work and low and behold i couldn't access my part of it. i jumped up and fiddled with the airport, said a lil prayer and plopped back down quite sure my site would appear on the screen. but no success. i abandoned the larger screens and fired up the new lap top to see if i had better luck there....but site refused to appear on the brand spankin' new equipment either.

i continued through my actual domain testin' every computer i could find to see if my cyber domain would appear and it failed to do so on any computer in any room. the weird thing was, i could get everyone else's site and discovered everyone else could see mine. i seemed to be the only one with the problem.

for the rest o' the day i tried just bout everything i could think of to get my site to appear for me but nothin' worked. i contacted the weekend help at my web host (they are never any help but i had run outta things to try) and they said there was no problem on their end (this is what they always say). i finally gave up and decided to go to bed. i was certain a new day would bring with it the ability to get to my site.

it didn't. after only a short time i became so frustrated tryin' to figure it out that i finally just reclined on the shabby couch and covered my head. i guess i was really in need of an extended bit o' time away from the screen as next thing i knew it was this morning - and i still can't get to my site. i called my web host - i always have better luck with the weekday workers - and the guy there says it's my internet provider's fault. i called my internet provider and they say it's the web host's fault.

i only wish it was MY fault...then i would have more hope that it could be fixed. i could go back over everything i have done and un-do it.

mini's daddy has now taken over the job o' figurin' out this latest dilemma in the doo dad den. i have my fingers crossed that he'll have better luck than i have figurin' out this newest obstacle that's keepin' me from dishin' out the doo dads i have designed for delivery via downoad.

in the meantime, since so many o' you were more concerned about my fluffy white constant companions than me durin' my long hiatus from bloggin', i thought i'd blog up a picture to let you know that tink and coco are alive and well and as cute as ever. i only wish they were a bit more help sometimes!


Jan said...

lordy, woman, and i thought i had problems last week when my puter crashed!

you are in need of some serious thinkin' about your isp, and web hosting service, doesn't sound like either one is worth a fiddle.... maybe it's time to look elsewhere.

on a more positive note, i bet your little fur kids just loved hanging out with you on the couch, they could care less if that ole puter was working or not... and they do look adorable all dressed in thse pretty little sweaters.

i have a feeling that you will get it figured out soon, if not, maybe it's time to call in the geek squad.

xoxoxox, jan

Saucy said...

Some fluffy white lovin' from those two is bound to help you, Mo! Their sweaters look fab. This is another horrible computin' problem in the doo dad den! Chin up!

Anonymous said...

Love Cocoa & Tink's fabulous sweaters Mo!! So sorry re the webserver and ISP issues.. never a dull moment and I understand completely about going to the couch and throwing over the covers... saw your message posted in the forum so I am glad that Mini's daddy was able to help you a bit.. hang in there my dear!!xoxo Christa

Bristol said...

So I came across your blog from another good one, Saucy and Loopy. And I found them from Inspire Co.
Anyhoo, I wanted to go to your website and bam. I feel your frustration. Love the little doggies and their cute sweaters. Hope things get better. Can't wait to stop back.

Julz said...

awae too cute girly! so sorry to hear you're having trouble.... althouh it doesnt reallt affect me since the doodad shop decided to kick me out years ago and even with reregistering i have not been able to get in.. well... there was that one time it actually let me put things in my cart and check out but then it booted me and you gave me a refund! Sometimes I just want to fondle the doodads or maybe even just oogle them.. but alas i have been forsaken for years left to hoard and protect my 11.6 GIGs of Moland goodies... thats over 3300 individual doo dads wow I wonder how many I would have if I hadnt been banned from the doodad shop?!
hope you're able to figure it out.. my rule of thumb is one day fussing then call the server tech support! LOL
I miss my mo updates and finding out whats new with mini mo, minis daddy and the trailer trash you call a cousin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mo,
I'm a friend from the past, not my decision as I have tried to get in and purchase some of those darling doodads that drive the dreery days away. Sorry to hear about all of your computer problems, there has to be the answer somewhere, a program where you can concentrate on designing and they can take care of all the business details for you. Miss everyone but it goes without saying... I am still trying to get/stay in touch.
with love,

Eric Jaffe said...

My wife and I have a maltese as well, but struggle with the red eyes. How do you keep their eyes so WHITE?

Anonymous said...

oh mo! so sorry to hear about what happened. losing teeth in a fall is truly a terrible calamity indeed.

i have been missing you and wondering where you and the shop had gone. i was almost ready to send an email when i decided to check the blog one more time.

take care of yourself first and when you are ready to come back, we mo fans will be here.

xoxoxoxo from your friend and fan in the pacific, sandy_m