yoo i am...

where the heck are you mo so many o' you have written and i decided i better get over here and answer. i didn't mean to let so much time pass since i last came ' fact i have felt a heavy burden each day i have been forced to stay away for one reason or 'nother. i wish i could say i was just too lazy to poke out any words on the keyboard cause i could use big dose o' lazy about now but i fear it's just the opposite...i seem to always have about eight hours more i wanna do each day than i can cram into the twenty-four that are provided.

i have a multitude o' excuses i can provide to explain why the ol' blog here has been showin' you the same words over and over and over again - some quite acceptable and others maybe a bit suspicious - so i better not try to list 'em all out for you at one time. for now i'll just give you the number one cause for my disappearance for so long.

you might recall that my laptop - my preferred tool for peckin' out words as opposed to pictures could only provide me with a portion o' viewin' area since i first took it outta the box. even after many o' trip back to it's place o' origin for repair, it refused to allow me more than two thirds a peep onto the screen and that was only if i had a variety o' different pinchin' accessories hangin' off all sides. it seemed to lose a parcel more pixels each time i fired it up and i found i was spendin' more time tryin' to locate the exact pinchin' spot for success than i actually gettin' to create any words with it. i promise i did attempt to blog out some words on the big screen but every time - before i knew it - i'd have a hunderd or so photoshop windows goin' at once and i'd forget all about the words waitin' to tumble out o' my noggin.

finally a few weeks ago, after spendin' most o' the mornin' tryin' to locate the big industrial sized clamp i knew i had seen somewhere in the garage, jo stuck her head outta her home on wheels - which is parked close enough to the garage that me clankin' my way through the big red tool box had become quite annoyin' to someone who had only recently arrived home from an evenin' out on the town - and made a not so polite suggestion that it was time i pitched the no-screen mac in the pile with those that had come before and get a new one.

i'm not sure why but i had not even pondered the possibility that the answer to the persistent problem o' findin' the proper pinchin' apparatus was to just pitch the pesky computer and get one with a proper mount o' peepin' area. so after bringin' jo a couple o' advil from the big house and apologizin' politely for pryin' away so much o' her post party beauty sleep, i went directly to the doo dad den and ordered up a brand new laptop.

it took a while for me to actually push the button to complete the transaction. i had afterall never purchased a computer myself. in the past they have all been provided by mini's daddy who shops the apple store like some people shop for groceries. i never knew there were so many choices to make and i found myself anguishin' over each one. finally the titillatin' thought o' actually havin' a whole screen starin' back at me and no longer gettin' popped in the face by clothespins flyin' off their pinchin' location was too much for me and i checked every option available and punched my way to checkout success.

i am delighted to have shoved the lemon laptop under the shabby couch and therefore lose my number one excuse for not properly tendin' to my poor neglected blog. for those o' you who have never given up on me, i went out this mornin' and plucked what might be the last round o' roses til maybe february for you. wish i could deliver 'em directly but hopefully this shot will do.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mo.. good luck with your new laptop!!! Glad to hear you no longer need all the clasps and danglin' apparati to the sides!! I missed ya, but so glad to hear from you again. Love the new shop and the changes... Can't believe it is almost the fall already, and using the fall associated doo dads.. I think this time of year is my favorite!! Hugs a bunch and glad you blogged a bit.. love the roses... I took a stroll in a rose garden today but they weren't as abundant as your bouquet.. xo Christa

Saucy said...

We'd never give up on you, Mo. We kept checking and checking and even after a long while there was something comforting about Mother's Day continuing on in blogland so it was all cool. We knew you'd poke your head out of the doo dad den sooner or later. Hugs to see you back.... love the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your deluxe new laptop! Your roses are just gorgeous.


Maija said...

I am glad you finally broke down and got a new computer!

dogfaeriex5 said...

glad you are back..i missed your blog posts...and your creativeness..xo