a shabby calamity


the year is drawin' to an end and unless someone pops up at the last minute to challenge me for the crown, looks like i'll carry the title o' calamity cowgirl for one more year.

i was really doin' pretty well 'til right after i last visited here back in october i believe it may have even happened that same since it was after midnight it would be considered the day AFTER that last blog. oh GET ON WITH IT i can hear you thinkin' so i will continue tappin' out my shabby calamity for you...not for your pity of course. just had so many people hear i had an accident and then worry - since i've been away so long - that it was somethin' worse than causin' pain in every single part o' my body and the loss o' some teeth...

it was after midnight and i walked outta the doo dad den into the upstairs landin' - real fast cause i always head here and there real fast...i had only taken two or three steps when i ran into somethin' that was about waist high but not too as i tried to get around it, it sorta' went with me. somehow i ended up kinda flyin' over the top o' this waist-high-not-too-solid thing, smashed my mouth on the arm o' the couch and then slammed, knees first, into the rug - one o' those wool, rough, thick threaded rugs. this rug is so rough and thick threaded that it peeled away all the skin from both o' my knees.

at first i was just sorta shocked...i run in and outta that door a zillion times a day without anything hurlin' me across the upstairs foyer so i felt as if i had been attacked...that lasted only a few seconds...then the pain set in and i just laid there and howled. coco and tink came to my rescue but once again - like when that rat chased me upstairs - both of us screaming all the way - my family slept right through my latest accident.

next thing i knew jo was wakin' me up on the couch back in the doo dad den. everything hurt too much to sit up and though jo was jabberin' away as usual, i didn't hear a word she said...'TIL she asked me if i was practicin' my halloween costume and what a good job i had done makin' it look like some o' my teeth were missin'. sure enough, when i peered into the lookin' glass, i found that along with losin' the skin off my knees - and elbows - i had lost some teeth. seems this latest calamity o' mine was a big one...the biggest in quite some time.

the cause o' my late night trippin' can be seen in the photo posted along with this painful blog....that pretty green wire planter though multiplied and stacked. mini's daddy bought them for me one weekend in santa barbara and i have crammed them full o' flowers ever since. they have always made me happy....'til i asked that they be located cause i was thinkin' they needed a fresh coat o' paint. someone indeed located them and to prove it placed them in a neat stack RIGHT outside the door o' the den. i guess locatin' them was supposed to be a surprise of some sort and some sort o' surprise it certainly was.

i have since spent waaay too many hours in the dentist's chair and have many more ahead o' me. i'm hopin' i remain calamity free at least until ALL my teeth and knee skin are back in place.

if you know of a worthy contender for the crown, let me know...i am more than willin' to pass it on to someone else - for at least a year. i have lots o' catchin' up to do and sure could use the time off.


belle said...

Oh my gosh! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mo... I am so very sorry. I had heard bits and pieces of the accident, but no clue as to what the details were. (I think there are quite a few of us eager to get this year on the back burner where it belongs.) I am also sorry that this caused you to have to (and still) needing to spending time at the evil dentist.. why do they hurt so darn much I ask?? I think I would rather go to any doctor except the dentist. It may just be a cleaning, but I cannot stand the sound of the pressure washer, and with sensitive teeth it is like an ugly chore that you need to do at least twice a year.. to go for extras is just pure torture. I do hope your dentist is nice to you and that before long your pearly whites will be back in place and you will be feeling much better. I have had tennis elbow since June, and never got on to a tennis court. When I went to the doctor, they couldn't just give me a shot to be done with it, instead wanted to send me to physical therapy and the like.. I nixed that saying I lived with it this long, I will just deal with it.. it just so happens it is my right arm and even interfers on some days with drinking my ever loving favorite beverage of coffee. Anyway, so glad to hear from you on your blog, that while still a bit sore and some visits still on the horizon that you are okay. I miss you and the moland gang.. maybe we can get the party rolling again on 1/1/09!! XO and Merry Christmas Mo!! Christa

Anonymous said...

oooohhhhh....i am reelin as i'm readin! nobody should hafta go through all that! yikes! i'm keepin my digits firmly crossed that 2009 is calamity free! lisar

Maija said...

Oh honey! You got the crown! That teeth business makes me cringe- I had a tooth implant last year and it was yucky! I'm glad you survived and are alive- I've missed you!
Merry Christmas Mo!

Anonymous said...

Heaven's mercy. I am glad things weren't any worse and that no bones were broken too. The last time I fell, I ended up with screws and pins in my ankle. That planter is quite beautiful and I do hope that you won't look at it not as fondly now. I am sure whomever put it outside the door was trying to help and I am hoping that even though the family slept through it all, that they are waiting on you and getting that planter al gussied back up for you. ;)


dogfaeriex5 said...

oh my gosh! happy you are on the mend and your two new asistants-precious! love those sweaters,my newest addition-verabelle needs one of those, she is a deaf white pomeranian with bluest eyes and weighs 7lbs...darling! just darling..i am hoping you have the bestest of holidays and cannot wait to see what you cook up for the new year...take care, xox

Anonymous said...

oh mo! so sorry to hear about what happened. losing teeth in a fall is truly a terrible calamity indeed.

i have been missing you and wondering where you and the shop had gone. i was almost ready to send an email when i decided to check the blog one more time.

take care of yourself first and when you are ready to come back, we mo fans will be here.

xoxoxoxo from your friend and fan in the pacific, sandy_m

Saucy said...

Dear Mo,

That is one horrible tale about your choppers. I hope your dentist is at least cute! Take care and have Happy Holidays. Eggnog is real easy on the dental work.

AMIT said...

Get well soon.

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