a bit o' this 'n that

just stopped in to post a few shots o' some o' my holiday doin's. ...too exhausted for much more.

that top picture is this year's replacement for the poinsetta...see - our lil cocobelle will try n' chew just about anything so poinsettas are no longer acceptable. these'll look nicer out in the garden for a while too so it's better all the way 'round.

the second shot is the result o' havin' only two sizes of boxes - really big and really small...but havin' a medium batch o' presents needin' to be shipped off to someone near and dear. i had no choice but to make a medium sized box. mini triple taped it once i built it. SO...whoever receives this masterpiece - if it indeed survives and arrives - please know your box may be ugly but alot o' love went into it.

three, four and five are just a few o' the fireplaces here in our big ol' house - all gussied up with lots o' leaves from the magnolia tree out front. while i do still long for a mantel or two to set up some lil snowly villages or miniature trailer parks on, i think i made the best of a manteless situation.

i do so hope your holiday preparations are goin' well and that you get everything you wish for from good ol' saint nick! xoxoxoxomo


Gail in snowy Canada said...

Gorgeous photos, except for the box one. I need to be honest. Hope that you and your dear ones have a fabulous Holiday Season!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mo!! I hope your Christmas is wonderful and that you have a Happy and Healthy 2009! Love your photos.. the boxes you make I am sure will arrive safely and the receiver will be thrilled.. your "boxers" are always the best!! Love your fireplaces with Trim... personally I love your florals better than the "Percy the Puny Pointsetta" anyway... our christmas decorations this year is a christmas bush.. lol... this year not very much into all the hoopla so since I received a little "firn" already decorated this year I have it on the kitchen table and that will do. Happy Holidays to you, Jo, Mimi, Queenie, Mini and Mini's Daddy... may it be the best ever.. XO Christa

pennyshilling said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Mo and that the new year a head is nothing less than spectacular!
xxox Debbie

Anonymous said...

Those fireplaces are wonderful (the box does pale by comparison) but I'm a little worried about that bald magnolia tree!

AMIT said...

Cool post n pics.

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