dust bustin'

early spring cleanin'...that's what has kept me blogless for so very long. it all started when the backyard trailer dwellin' dame (my cousin jo for those o' you who may be stoppin' by for the first time) - deposited the latest model o' the dust buster into the doo dad den. she won it as third prize in a drawin' down at the wall-mart. first prize was an autographed glossy o' her dream dude fabio.

jo donated her prize to me because the week before she accidently busted up lil flo's tail durin' her weekly doggie groomin' via dust buster session (thankfully the tail is still safely attached to the lil dog) and neither jo or flo can tolerate the site or sound of even a half charged buster for a while - if ever. this is a really big deal for jo cause she swears that any domestic chore can be taken care of with just a dust buster and a tub o' baby wipes.

anyway...once i got the sleek blue and cream colored plastic cordless buster fully charged 'n ready to go i left the doo dad den armed and determined to discover a lil dust to bust. in days past this would'a been a duty deemed difficult as della, our housekeeper for over a decade, was dedicated to domestic perfection. but not long ago some dastardly gang gatherin' developed in her district and she decided to pack up her family, cash in her 401k and depart for wisconsin. after some deliberation, we decided to designate della's duties to dena, the part-time domestic diva. apparently this wasn't the decision best suited for situation 'cause my adventure in seekin' a lil dust bustin' turned into two and a half months o' hard core bustin', scrubbin' and reorganizin'. seems dena is blind to dust and loves to 'stuff' fact, i'm thinkin' maybe dena is in the wrong profession altogether.

my full-time domicile do-over has left lil time for anything else - includin' my plan o' bloggin' every day in 2009 or designin' many doo dads for delivery via download. but as bad as i have felt about havin' to neglect the online part o' my life, i love any kinda' hard labor and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

for those o' you who emailed, worried that i was blogless due to some new calamity, i'm proud to say i experienced only one minor yet major-ly painful episode in the almost three months i have been away from blogdom....that bein' the bedazzelin' of the bottoms o' both feet while reorganizin' mini's craft closet. i have known pain in my life but a bedazzeled body part ranks right up there with a root canal. as for the un-bedazzlin', in pain and in a panic, i grabbed the new dustbuster and sucked those damn dazzlers right out, wiped up the blood with a baby wipe and donned foot protection while performin' the rest o' my domestic tour o' duty. seems jo was right after all about bein' able to solve any domestic situation with just a dust buster and a tub o' baby wipes.

thanks for stoppn' by even when i didn't...i'll try not to get sidetracked again any time soon!



Maija said...

I'm so thrilled to see you have abandoned the dust bunnies to blog and entertain once again!

all the latest in heavensville said...

since your home is now shiny clean, you can come to my house with your dust buster if you get really bored, mo... heck, i would even take dena!

since i've spent the last three months blogging daily instead of cleaning, there are plenty of little dust bunnies around here. dust bunnies? easter? hmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

I am glad the dust buster prize Jo won works for you.. the dust buster was always a bust for me.. I tend to use the upright dirt devil, and believe me it ends up sucking up the bathroom throws and then this horrible sound happens and I smell rubber so I panick.. LOL.. I am glad it was only domestic chores keeping you busy and that you are a o-k.. also that poor lil' flo's tail is still in tact.. missed ya Missy Mo, and glad you are back on the bloggin train.. xo Christa

Anonymous said...

lol and a big ouch! bedazzled feet rank right up there in my book with between the toes embedded legos. xoxo's JudyG