result o' the rit...

outta the tub
so here's a bit o' part two o' my recent adventures in puttin' on the rit. now on to part three...equally as fun. i will blog up some o' the finished product shortly!


Saucy said...

Oh that rit dye can make an awful mess Mo, but it looks like you've got a plan in action, and that's all that counts. Carry on!

Oh, and is Mini in any way into the Jonas Brothers? I'm cooking up something pretty awesome on my blog over the next few days, so do check it out, just in case she is a fan.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job with the coloring of ribbons and fabric there Ms. Mo!! I think dying things is an art all its own. Love the photos here of the finished product and glad that this time no one will have pink shorts!! XO Christa

Anonymous said...

Nothing I ever dyed using RIT ever came out saturated or evenly colored...still to this day don't know what I did wrong. lol Your ribbons look beautiful...sure hope some of them end up as doodads in the store anlong with those cute dye splatters and drips in your backgrounds. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm hopin to see some of those pretty ribbons, lace and pieces of chenille show up on the store shelves to...as Momades and Doodads both...oh, and the paint splatters and some more moodles would be wonderful to...I'm such a greedy girl. xoxo JudyG