happy birthday dear michael

happy birthday baby brother's that time o' year again...june 17th...when i celebrate the birth of my dear brother way back on the same day i turned three. as i have blogged on this day previously, i was told he was my birthday present and i have adored him ever since.

so has everyone else who has ever met him. of can you not fall in love with a blonde curly haired melt your heart toddler who grew into an adventurous boy - some days saddlin' up our horse dixie for his transport to school and other days pilotin' the same route via unicycle - school books tucked under one arm while wavin' at all his drive-by fans with the other...a handsome teenager and breaker of many girl's hearts, the only reprieve from their pain the few hours he played a starrin' role under friday night lights...a hard-workin' young man and then a loving father - early enough to beat everyone else in earnin' the title of grandparent to many lil boys who - like everyone else - adore him.

he and queenie - my much older sister - are in and out of my thoughts throughout each of my days and while i hate bein' so very far away from them, i am always comforted in knowin' that though i drive them crazy, both would fulfill just about any request i made of them.

happy happy birthday michael! it will be a huge sacrifice to my impeccable dietary standards, but in your honor i'm gonna eat a coupla' extra pieces o' my mini-made coconut birthday cake.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mo.. first gotta say love your new blog heading!! Very summery!! Second Happy Birthday to you, third, Happy Birthday to your brother, and fourth, missed you!! Your bd card for Michael is wonderful.. love the photo of him re friday night lights and that cute little beach photo!! wonderful blog post..xo Christa

ejj said...

What a sweet little boy in that beach photo! He is obviously very lovable.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you two have a very special bond. I love the old photos here and can tell you miss him terribly. I think after that extra piece of cake you should call him and catch up and let him know how adored he is. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to leave town more often since it always seems I come home from my infrequent get-aways to find that you have recovered from your latest calamity and are back to the new blog header dear and the birthday card for YOUR birthday present is so adorable...a belated Happy Birthday to both you and Michael. xoxo's JudyG