coco 'n tink's new collars

decorated tink
we discovered the place where tink n' coco were bein' groomed spent less time on the groomin' and way too much time keepin' the lil girls in cages. tink would return so mad at me for allowin' someone to treat her in this less than royal way that she wouldn't even look at me for two days. it took us a while to find them a new beauty parlor but finally they have a new hairdresser and standin' appointments so that they remain clean n' fluffy.

the new dog beautifier told me that the reason their floof was always a bit tangled was because their lovely canine couture wasn't lined in satin....that if i'd line up all their doggy duds in the silky stuff they would remain tangle free between appointments. this made perfect sense to me but i have never had the time to tailor their togs to accommodate the detanglin'. in the meantime they have remained neeked and in my opinion, in need of a lil accessorizin'. i have searched for collars that were special enough for them to don to no avail. i even tried puttin' some lil doo dad on their heads but coco immediately removes hers and then rips out tink's.

finally, i figured out the perfect solution....a collar full o' momade blooms, complete with a lil ring on it - to attach a leash! this picture is of tink, modelin' (n' nappin') the first one i made. she 'n coco look so pretty on our walks that everyone we pass has to stop to ask about their collars. i'm thinkin' about not buyin' that satin for now...i may even have to do some up for others who desire fancy tanglefree duds for their dogs.


Anonymous said...

Little Tink looks absolutly adorable Mo in her momade blooms ~ very stylish!

I'm wondering if our little Scruffin (sweet boy Bichon Frise) could be coaxed into wearing these wonderous blooms?? After washing him today and brushing his wooly fur till he looked like a powder puff, I must admit he was quite beautiful. Unfortunately he is too much of a sook to be left at one of those poochie parlors, and if he was, I fear he would never forgive us. No....I don't really mean that, he is is aways forgiving. Ummmmm.....maybe we could get away with adorning him with blooms just once and a while.LOL

Your doggie doo dad collars are just gorgeous...I can see a whole new fashion line being on the market real soon.

xxox Deb

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! That satin pillow really does make sense because I remember my grandmother sleeping on satin pillows so as not to mess up her do from the beauty parlor! lol


Anonymous said...

wow your colorful blooms show up and really "pop" against Tink's beautiful white and fluffy fur. What a super idea.. what girl doesn't look great with a bouquet of flowers. I think you are on to something here Mo with bloomin' collars! XO Christa

Anonymous said...

oh how I wish I could get Hank to wear one of those lovelies but he insists he is a John Deere/Camo/WVU kinda dog collar guy...we don't have any problem with our groomer, he always comes home so sleek, shiney clean and smellin so good but he sure does hate the gettin there part. He hates riding on curvy roads so he pants, paces and whines till we get to the interstate 2 miles away before he settles down. Then when he gets in the front door at the groomers and spots the linoleum expanse in front of him he immediately sits and digs in for the long haul, and I mean that literally, across the floor. We have to drag him in butt-sitting position all the way there...he hates linoleum/tile floors which I don't understand at all cause we have hardwood floors throughout the house...go figure. xoxoxo JudyG

Janna said...

We just got a Maltese puppy.

Is that what your are?

I miss your do dads.

Can I be let back in to Mo land?