how to make a t-shirt flower

momade circle flowers
so many o' you have asked for help in makin' flowers from your own leftover bits 'n pieces that i thought i'd try explainin' the easiest ones ever....the ones i make outta old t-shirts. they're so easy that though i make 'em all the time, i never even considered includin' them in the directions i have been puttin' together. i often forget that sometimes the simplest thing is best to start with - it makes you feel so successful you are more tempted to tackle the more difficult.

all you need for these sweet flowers is any old t-shirt - the softer the better - some scissors, patterns for your circles - or the ability to draw somethin' close to a circle - and a needle and thread.

the flowers can be any size but it's better to start small and then make bigger ones once you have your technique down. just lay your circle pattern on the old t-shirt 'n cut out a circle and then one slightly smaller and then one slightly smaller than that one and keep doing this until you feel you can't go any smaller (if you email me at mojackson at mac dot com i'll send you some circles to get you started).

stack your t-shirt circles in a pile with the largest on the bottom and then stitch a big X smack dab in the middle.

you can stop here if you want but if you want yours to be fluffier, slice into the stitched stack about every half inch or closer. to fluff 'em up, just rub your hand over the top real fast....or if you are real darin', just dampen your bloom slightly and pitch it in the dryer for five minutes or so....when you take it out it will be oh so fluffy and fabulous.

once you are done you can tack on somethin' green as a leaf - some ribbon or any fabric cut in any shape to resemble a leaf. if you so desire, you can stitch a tad o' yellow or a button in the middle.

now...what should you do with your fabulous flowers? hot glue it on a barrette or safety pin....or make a big batch 'n string 'em together for a garland...stitch a few onto your bodysnatchers shirt (if stitched together well they'll look bloomier after each cycle!)...the possiblities for these momade blooms are endless! and be sure to let your little ones make some too...it's a perfect way to introduce the joys o' stitchin' to them.


Anonymous said...

well, i'll be darned! i was just at the point o gettin rid o some o dh's past-due tee shirts and this sounds like a lovely idea. i'll hafta give this a whirl! lisar

Anonymous said...

thank you dear for sharin your recipe for flower makin...dil left behind some plain old onesies for me to fancy up for Baby Bean and this will be just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these instructions! I'll be trying these out with our granddaughters.

I hope that your back is feeling better now.


Anonymous said...

Mo these look wondeful and how easy when you know how. Thanks for the how-to, I will definitely give this a try with some of my old t's.
xxox Deb

Anonymous said...

I must say Mo you are definitely the crafty one and make the most beautiful blooms. Thank you for sharing your recipe.. definitely going to try this out!! (Now make sure no one takes dh's current t's to snatch a circle or two from each... lol.. I can imagine a lot of dh's with circles where they are not supposed to be walking around and everyone looking at them and saying aha.. your wife read Mo's blog too!! LOL)~ xo Christa

Anonymous said...

these are adorable! Now I really have another reason to clean out hubby's old t shirt drawer!

Trish Richhart said...

Ooooooo, if this doesn't just get the creative juices to flowin'! I love any fun project that uses scrounged resources and these are *especially* pretty. Thanks for sharing your creative wisdom!