final bit o' bragging

shabby chair
i got so excited to share my perfect storage solution that i forgot to finish off my braggin'. so....more perfection......

what makes my solution extra special perfect are the wheels i attached to the bottom. in fact i don't think i have ever confessed here in blogdom that i put wheels on EVERYTHING in my work space includin' the shabby couch, shabby chair and coffee table. i can roll everything in the room anywhere at any time. i have tried to convince my family that all furniture in all rooms should have wheels but they are still non-believers. they seem to think this need is because i spent so much time in houses on wheels earlier in my life but they are wrong about that still influencin' my current interior design choices. jo spent more time in trailers than i did n' she is also baffled by my need for furniture to speed across a room. i will convince them all sooner o' later - we are in the plannin' stage of buildin' a house in our lone star homeland and i plan to sneak wheels on everything there. finally they will be forced to accept the ability to roll at will even while sitting.

the other addition i made to what was already perfect...i covered the top of the flat files with insulated batting n' a few yards o' my favorite fabric - bright white cotton muslin. now i can use the perfect travelin' storage solution for ironing too. i love to iron....it is what i do when i am not quite myself. as i mash out the lumps 'n creases in some cotton i feel the ones weighing me down mentally begin to disappear....but i hate the site o' an ironing board (and have never been successful at addin' wheels onto one). now i have oodles o' ironin' surface available at all times that can also be used as work surface. and to make all this perfection almost too much to handle....i attached tape measures neatly all around the top o' the flat files so that i can take care o' that thing i hate to do most - measure.

so as you can see the search really is over. once i had everything set up i only had to make one major adjustment - i had to leave the top drawer unassigned so it can be used as a 'junk' drawer - a lil more influence from my dear mother.


Anonymous said...

what an awesome solution Mo... also besides rearranging at will as I know how you love to redecorate, the wheels make it that much easier for you when the squirrel reaks havoc on your back.. love the idea of the batting for the top of the cabinet to make an ironing table too.. I hate the squeaking of the ironing board when you open it and it is annoying to say the least.. so glad you found a neat and beautiful way to make it styling and useful.. now quick question, I do hope there is some locks on those wheels.. I don't like the visuals of you ironing and running after the cabinet since it took off on you around the room and you getting yanked back like a bungi cord as the iron is still plugged into the wall!! Congrats on your planning stages of TX.. I would move back there in a heartbeat.. love it there!! xoxo and Happy Birthday!! Christa

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the wheel aspect...
If you live in earthquake country your wheels have to be wheels that lock!
(Oh--I see Christa already mentioned that.)But that's the first thing I thought of when I read your blog today--rockin' & rollin'. But then, I always think of that because we lived in SF Valley during the Northridge quake.

Anonymous said...

Ok...the wheels made me stop and wonder....I am always afraid wheels will mess up my polished hard wood floors...but what got me really wondering is WHO LIKES TO IRON? lol I would rather take a beating than iron anything....probably why everything we have ever owned has been worn somewhat wrinkled. If it is too bad, I throw it in the dryer for a few minutes and let it go. If the tag says hand wash, dry clean only or IRON on it...we don't buy it. lol

Wrinkled and worn Peggy