the second fifth birthday party favor

digital doo dad shop 5th birthday party favor
the doo dad shop's fifth birthday celebration continues and here is your second party favor....those semi-tacky sugar letters all of us of a certain age saw sittin' smack dab in the middle o' our birthday cakes. i whipped up some fluffy white frostin' for you too!

if you desire to download the second sensational set o' digital doo dad party favors just head on over to my site and you'll find a link on the news page. if you missed the first party favor just request the link when you purchase your next round o' doo dads!

thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes last week...they were each received with great joy!



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mo! Our 11 year old granddaughter is here for the week & when I unzipped your gift she said, "Wow!That is SO neat!" And she's right--looks like fresh icing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats frosting! Yum.


belle said...

I love the candy alpha (real and digital)! Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mo.. love your party favors, and this is the best frosting every.. calorie free!!! XOXO Christa