favor number three

digital doo dads party favor three's party favor number three. i apologize for takin' such a very long time to get it ready for you to download. i do so wish i could say it was delayed due to days doin' nothin' but dippin' doughnuts in dark drinks while daydreamin' 'bout the most desirable designer dresses bein' delivered to my door without me havin' to drive to any department store....with shoes to match 'em all of course. but i wouldn't dare drone on about deeds that i didn't do.

what i have really been doin' while keepin' you waitin' for a new dab o' doo dads was movin' into my new art studio aka doo dad den. i have always done my desiginin' 'n dilly dallyin' upstairs facin' east. i am now downstairs facin' west. my new den has divided digs - a place for doin' digital doo dads and another for whippin' up the real life doo dads. and now that i do what i do downstairs, i can also easily dance outside durin' the day to dabble in the dirt and what sprouts out of it.

the idea o' movin' downstairs to a place done up just for me sounded dreamy when first discussed and is just that now that it's done...but the actual move dared to do me in. if i had known it would take me three damn weeks to move all those doo dads i hold dear down from up i doubt i would have thought the idea was so delightful. to deliver an idea of the trips i traveled up 'n down 'n down 'n up to accomplish the move, on more than one day my dainty pocket pedometer drummed up digits equallin' over five miles - and i had never even left the house!

as anyone who drops by this blog would guess, all that draggin' things from upstairs to down provided the perfect diagram for a deluxe calamity. as the days dragged on i found myself tyin' to quicken the work by takin down more 'n more with each trip - with tinkerbell ridin' on top o' the pile of whatever i was currently cartin'. i coulda' cared less if i lost all feelin' in my limbs as long as i could get finished. so of course in no time durin' a trip down tink 'n i took a dangerous dive. the items i was carryin' (includin' tink) survived the tumble but i was certain i would never be able to get back up. i summoned a pop tart 'n stayed crumpled in the spot i landed for 'bout an hour 'til i was removed from the scene 'n placed flat 'n outta the way until i could once again move. today is the first day all my body parts seem to be almost workin' again.

i'm all moved in now - thanks to a visit from an adorable six pack packed 15 year old nephew 'n a coupla' hours donated by a coupla' jo's beaus - so party favor number four won't take near as long to the meantime i hope you'll enjoy number three! you can get it by going here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Mo! I can hardly wait to get that 3rd set of B'day doo-dads! What a nice surprise and boy am I looking forward to those goodies! Thanks for being so gregarious, I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

(aka sassy251)

Anonymous said...

I really love this set of your Birthday Doo Dads! Thank you so much & congratulations on your new downstairs den!
I made your previous gift of the Birthday Banner for a granddaughter's birthday last week. It really turned out well, so thank you again for that!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh Mo, I do hope you're feelig better! I had visions of you repelling (sp?)down the side of the house with backpacks stuffed with doo dads and undog carriers filled with support staff. Does this mean you won't be able to hear what's going on the in the TVs room?

Thanks so much for the awesome birthday doo dads!xooxoxoxoxoxox


RoverGal said...

Thanks again for the birthday favor doo-dads! It is so nice of you to do this for us!

orachel said...

Rut row. I'm brand new round these parts, and I have a feeling MoLandia will prove to be quite the digital addiction. Lurve your art dolls and all their sudry bits and bobs. So sorry you took a tumble..sounds like no fun a'tall. And yes, seems to me that having strapping young lads do the dirtywork (six packs et all) was a much better idea than continuing to risk life and limb..and doodad.

Thanks so much for the party favors. I can't figure out for the life of me how to download them, but i'm guessing if i play with it for a bit i'll noodle it out. have a question for ya. You're calling one of the doodads i got Mollywood Theater Two. Does there exist a version One?? I hunted like a madwoman, but alas, either I be blind or it be retired, i fear. No hurry...i'm guessing the theatre two will keep me sufficiently dramatized for the moment, but if the other is still avail I'll love to know how to find him. Hope all your parts are intact..tumbles can be rough on the bones. Thanks so much!

rachel verdi aka orachel

Anonymous said...

Hi Mo... so sorry about the tumble.. glad you are feeling better now, and it is good news to hear that Tink survuved the tumble too with no side effects. Glad you are in the new den.. I am presuming your rollie cart made it too... you just take it easy. Thanks gain for the wonderful birthday celebration doo dads.. Thanking of you !! Christa

Anonymous said...

dear mayor mo ... i surely hope that tumble didn't do any permanent injury! thank goodness you didn't land pretzeled up! thanks so much for these recent birthday doodads .... i have an idea shapin in my head for them! hope you're enjoyin your new doodaddin digs! lisar

belle007 said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday doo dads. Hope you make a speedy recovery, and have lots of fun in your new doo dad den!

Anonymous said...

luv it Mo! and girl, you are an accident just lookin for a place to happen aren't you? hope you and tink are both doin ok after a tumble like that and lookin forward to seeing the new doodad den.

PS...could you please send me another link to the celebration doodads because I've had no success with the one in the shop.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your new doo dad den Miss Mo. I can't wait to see you new playground and your organising. Thanks for the birthday goodies too!
xxox pennyshilling

Gabriela said...


Just found you on Charlotte's blog!

Love this!

~ Gabriela ~