betty the weird wiener dog

if you've been around a while you might remember me introducin' you to betty jean, mini's wiener dog. she 'n mini have the same birthday and therefore celebrate each year with one big party (i blogged quite a memorable one here).

though she arrived with a pedigree, poor betty has never had great beauty, could never be completely house trained, constantly gets her tricks confused (rolls over when asked for a paw shake 'n sits when a roll-over is requested), has a tail that looks as if it spent time in a faulty pencil sharpener and sprouts fur so crunchy only those of us who love her dare pet or pick her up.

but it's not any o' her sensational short comins' that make betty jean the most unique of all the canine creatures a one o' those. the thing that is the most - i should say weird but i'll be kind 'n call it 'special'- so...the thing that is the most special about betty jean is her hobby.

i've tried 'n tried to get a good picture but she seems to only enjoy this hobby when no human is around. this shot mini's daddy snapped with his camera phone is the best that we have...actually it's the only we have so far. you have to look really close at the smallest shot above but once you do you'll see possibly the only rose bush climbin' wiener dog in existence. i could be wrong but i don't think there are too many other unattractive badly coated trick twisted wiener dogs with this same talent. and she doesn't just climb the thorny bushes...once she arrives at the top she gets comfy 'n takes a snooze.


Anonymous said...

Mo...Now I have seen everything!! I love the blog, and this is the first (even though I have been around for a while) I have heard at how Betty Jean came to live at your home. How sweet that Mini saw the spark in Betty to give her the perfect home and to find out about her hobby/talent is super.. never heard of a dog climbing anything but a few steps to get onto the couch when you aren't looking etc, so your circus picture is perfect too!! Happy Birthday to Mini and to Betty... so glad you scarpped it for a wonderful memory, and I think Betty is adorable!! XOXO Christa

Anonymous said...

like the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and Mini took one look at Betty and saw the prettiest little wiener dog ever lucky for both Betty and Mini...and she's got talent to boot. A belated Happy Birthday to both of them. xoxo's JudyG

ejj said...

Mini looks so much like my younger sister in that shot with the puppy in the hat! I love dog stories and am always happy when a dog has a loving family.


Anonymous said...

I always loved that pic of baby Mini & baby Betty (and the circus party, he he)! Belated Happy Birthday to ALL of you!!

Max is very impressed with Betty's hobby. He picked up a short-lived hobby himself yesterday. Macy left an unwrapped jawbreaker on the table by my chair for me. We went out to get more perennials and came back to see a red, partially licked ball on the carpet (with rolled ball stains on said carpet). He didn't finished the candy and may never try another. It was a Red Hot Fire Ball. :)

Much love to you and yours,
Trillie Mae

Maija said...

LMAO!! Wonderful doggie- so clever!!!!