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dorothy's kitchen seventeen - the doo dads

it's hard to believe it's been seven year's since dorothy's kitchen first appeared here on the blog. i'm thinkin' that would be considered a really long time in the world o' digital doo dads designed for delivery via download on the worldwide web. it's nothin' tho when compared to the time the real Dorothy created concoctions in her actual kitchen. i'm pretty sure her able arms whipped, stirred, patted, beat, rolled, chopped, cut and served from the small kitchen on rose avenue and any kitchen she might be visitin' for around ten times that seven.

the real dorothy (my mother-in-law) just celebrated her ninety-second birthday and if she had her way (which she did most o' the time) she'd still be spendin' much of every day doin' more whippin', stirrin', pattin', beatin', rollin', choppin', cuttin' and servin'. unfortunately she was forced into retirement by macular degeneration and her kitchen is now closed .

in honor o' those two tupperware containers crammed full o' martha washingtons dorothy mailed me every birthday and christmas I was her daughter-in-law i decided it was time to dish out some new dorothy's kitchen doo dads. I was so enthusiastic I got a bit carried away...so like the original dorothy doo dads, the new ones will served in a number o' different courses (or parts).

the next sets that appear will be in honor of you - whether a doo dad devotee for all or bits o' the past eight years or allowing me sometime over the past four to decorate your baby's noggin' - for providing' me with your incredible friendship and givin' me an excuse to continue my love o' designing' and creating all kinds o' doo dads. thank you ever so much.

you can download the first batch HERE. i'd love to see what you whip up so please let me know if you post anything anywhere or you can post 'em on my lowercase facebook page HERE.

hope you enjoy these new doo dads as much as i enjoyed doing' 'em for you!


p.s.let me know if you have any problem with the link.


Christa Goldsmith said...

Thank you so much Mo! I have always LOVED Dorothy doodads! I miss you so much! Happy 92nd to Dorothy, and I will see what I can whip up for you!

Hugs a bunch.. Christa

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Mo! I am so excited to do some more pages with these new doodads from Dorothy's Kitchen. The Dorothy Kitchen Kits are some of my favorite doo-dads in my entire MJ collection!

Sandy McClay said...

Mo, This is like Christmas!!!! But....I can't get to the download....I use Goggle Chrome...is that the issue?
It just takes me to your webpage, not where the kit is....help please! :):)


Sandy McClay said...

So cute!!!! I can't wait to see the papers that go with this...this is by far my favorite group of doo-dads!

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Thank you so much Mo. These doodads from Dorothy's Kitchen are much better for my hips! Love the blue of course! xoxooxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mo! Some of these kitchen doodads bring back pleasant memories for me.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, Mayor Mo!!! i love Dorothy! been needin a doodad fix! lisa

Melissa said...

Missin' ya somethin terrible ... lol saw the fab christmas stuff you are knockin' out and hopped over to your site and saw some how i missed the whole month of JUNE.. lol . hope all is well with you and your wonderful fam.

you started me in digital scrap and still laugh everytime i use a circle (so many posts on HOW DO I CUT A CICRLE.. haha) my babies will both be teens in the next few weeks (13 and 15) - they were tiny when we first met.

anyhoo... luvluvluv
m (double e mommy)