croonin' cocobelle

canine crooner

i've been busy bundlin' up beanies, blossoms 'n bows for bitty babies and somehow i've gotten lost every time i bounded toward blogdom. once the latest batch o' boxes were on their way to bare headed babies everywhere, i dedicated a dozen or so days to uploadin' dozens o' new digital doo dads designed for doo dad devotees and dabblers to download. but today, before i could send the server the store samples, i surmised i'd squinted seriously at my screen for far too long and should shut down my system and switch back to sewin'.

it didn't take me long to decide i'd dedicate the day to designin' darlin' dog dresses in damask, dots and maybe a bit o' ditsy. once done, i'd decorate my darling dog duo - tinkerbell and coco - in the divine duds and get them to pose for a dozen or so delightful digital dog dress demonstratin' photos to display in my shop.

i did my designing and constructing but darn if my dainty dog daughters displayed absolutely no discipline - not a drop. they loved loungin' around in the lovely layers of linen 'n lace i'd stitched and even made me hopeful as they leaped a bit after lappin' up a large lunch of livery lookin' lumps. but while i snapped shot after shot after shot of the well-shod sisters, there wasn't a single sit nor one submissive stay in the whole bunch. they insisted on behavin' like beloved dogs instead of modelin' mutts.

all my shots turned out shoddy so i'm not sure any o' today's tailored togs will ever travel beyond my table. but bad as they are, i love these three shots of cocobelle seriously singing one o' her solos. she sends out series o' serenades several times a day and seems to sense when a tune or two might be needed. i must admit it's difficult to desire discipline when a diminutive dog, decorated with daisies, dandelions and such, successfully delivers melodies meant mainly for liftin' your mood. i feel quite fortunate to have such a musical maltese on this day after marathon monday. i hope the snaps of her singin' (it's probably just as well that you can't also HEAR her) make you smile - if only for a second or two.


TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

Miss Coco is adorable in her fabulous new floral fiesta! I think we need a YouTube link to see and hear her in action! xoxo

Christa Goldsmith said...

Hi Mo.. was thinking the same as Tracy... a utube of croonin' coco! I love these photos and was excited to hear new doodads may be on the way.. miss you Mo!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

What delightful doggie doo dads! They were just so excited they to be dolled up that they just couldn't be still. ;)

Anonymous said...

What cute doo dad doggies! They were just so excited to be dolled up that they just couldn't be still! :)


lisar said...

woooo woooo woooo!!!!! oh yes, i can just hear the croonin doggie who needs her croonin posted to YouTube! i can see her become a star! and i'm also keepin my fingers xxx"d for delightful new doodads! lisar