just a little bossy soundin' orderin' info!

sparkling elizabeth by scrappin

it meant alot to me yesterday to hear from so very many of you.....just sorry you all thought somethin really bad had befallen me and the doo dads. now you know the lil fellas are fine but were just were made homeless a wee bit earlier than i was told would happen. it's fine cause they don't like bein unappreciated.

since their new home isn't ready yet, i had planned to have a PDF catalog ready by the time they they were sent packin....but i only got a couple hours email notice that they were no longer welcome even for another day or so and then with all the email flying in and downloads flyin out, well, i fell a bit behind.

so by tomorrow evenin i will most certainly have a catalog ready and waitin so that it can be used for orderin until the site is finished. i know you're wonderin - how could a lil ol site take so long? well, you see...i have no desire to have just a regular ol site so everyone's been scurrying around trying to figure out how to do it the way i want to do it....and doin 'different' seems to take a longer amount of time! i promise it will be worth the wait.

now, as for the all of you who have come to know me are aware, i not the nickelin and dimin you to death type of doo dader and won't ever be puttin the dollar sign ahead of all i hope you'll understand my need to send out the catalog the way i'm gonna explain.....

....i want anyone orderin up a catalog to really want one for orderin doo dads. i also want to know who i send 'em to. order one up you need to send me a dollar thru paypal. next time you order i'll take the same dollar off the top of your total. my paypal address is

now for all you who have already placed orders with me, no need to be sendin the dollar and that also applies for orders placed after you read this. just let me know you want one and if you will be wantin any of the updates with all the new doo dads just waitin to make their debut.

for everyone else - once i get the notification that you sent in your dollar, i will send the catalog your way.

also, since so many of you wanted doo dads today but just couldn't quite make up your mind without lookin at em...well.. we can't let the downloadin duo get us down for dumpin the doo dads a day before they i will still take 25% percent off orders over $15.00 through to the fourth of july.....i think that is only fair. but this will only apply to those sent to you on cd - unless that creates a real hardship for you and then we can figure somethin out. to wrap it all up:

•catalog available to order by friday evening.
•send payment of $1.oo for orderin'
•the paypal notification will trigger the catalog sent your way
•the dollar will be deducted from your next order
•25% still apllie off CD orders $15.00 and over placed by midnight july 4th

if you think i missed something feel free to email jo at i'm sorry if i sound kinda bossy but you know - sometimes that's how layin out a plan sounds! from now on i'm gonna make jo do the layin out - she loves to be bossy.