happy birthday to the garden diva of moland!

garden diva's birthday

today is a very special molandian's birthday...okay...they are all's just that some of em have been around since almost the beginnin and i have gotten to know em a lil more than some of the newer residents. i hope eventually to mark all their celebrations in a big way but i gotta start somewhere and no better place than with tracy last week and...tah dah....madam robin today!

i was gonna try to blog on and on with alot of blah blah blah about this extraordinary person who is celebrating her birthday today....but there was so much to say that i decided i would let her beautiful garden give you a hint as to why a day that includes new art posted by this birthday girl is a good day indeed! if you ever decide to make moland and doo dads a part of your creative doins, you will come to see why all of us there look forward to anything she is willin to share with it her cookin lessons or her green thumbs!

hap hap happy birthday missy robin! i hope it is everything you deserve and more! thank you for helpin to make every day a treat for all your fans!!
moland garden diva's birthday!


Kpbrutcher of A Digi Memory said...

Oh Miss Mo, I adore those garden stakes with photos on them. You are too clever. Robin's garden is as beautiful as she is. I need me one of those crowns!

Victoria said...

What a magnificent card for a lovely lady!

Tracy said...

Oh Mo... I LOVE your ingenious way of showcasing Robin's amazing garden photos!! I especially love the matching crowns for she & Zippy (they also have matching halter tops, but that is another layout all together). The little caterpillar at the bottom is so cute and I am totally amazed at how you got that earth all dug up around the popsicle sticks. Hmmm.

Happy, happy birthday to one of the sweetest souls I've ever been lucky enough to meet and call my friend. xooxox :)

Tracy said...

Oooh, oooh, I forgot to add how much I LOVE that garden seed packet frame!! I am just recovering from a birthday myself, and they say the memory is one of the first things to go!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wonderful birthday tribute to one of my favorite Molandians! Robin is definitely one special lady, love her quirkyness and sense of humor and I don't know anyone who wears a tomato soup can with as much class as she does. She is quite the gardener also, love her & zippy's crowns, gotta get me one of those.

Robin said...

well i am just speechless mo...and that is sayin' somethin'! this is the piece de resistance to what has turned out to be one of the happiest birthdays i remember... you have pure genius and a way of weavin' your creative magic that is so delightful to me that i can't find words most of the time. i just goggle and then drool starts runnin' down my chin and then i finally come to and smile real big! thank you mo. as the mayor of mo-land you have created a haven and oasis that feels like another garden to me. but what i like best is that i count you as not only as the creator of wonderful things but as a new, already dear to my heart friend :)
xoxox i love what you have done with a simple group of pictures. my goodness i love those worms and that is great lookin soil you have there!

pennyshilling said...

Mo.... simply love your birthday tribute to our dear Robin. Her garden is "heaven on a popsicle stick"!

love all that freshly dug dirt.....I can almost smell the flowers growing in it and hear that little ol' worm crumping his way through the mulch. (crump was a new word I learned playing our letter game...just had to use it again!)

We are so fortunate to have so many talented missies residing here in moland.
Happy birthday Robin! ~ debbie

Hollie H said...

Miss Mo, you continue to amaze and delight us. Robin's card and garden tribute are, flat-out, stunning! Photos on garden stakes... genious! And Robin, I am in awe of your garden. WOW!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mo this a wonderful layout to display the garden....but for goodness sake Robin!! You really are the Garden Queen!! This is breathtaking. As someone with a black rather than a green thumb (I kill all plants if I get too close) I truly appreciate your amazing talent. JEEZE!!!

Michelle (aka Michellesmyname)