free lead with purchase

when you sit at a screen designin' doo dads for delivery via download for dollars and dimes and can hear but not see the television in the tv-on-all-the-time room below you, lots o questions come to mind concernin' what you're hearin' and many of 'em get stuck there and refuse to leave. the question at the forefront this very minute is why o why the producers o' that merv crossword game show chose the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard as the background noise while they fill in the blanks after a question is asked. i am thinkin' THEY think it is the sound of a pencil on paper but sounds more like the dreaded fingernails on the chalkboard to me. if the show fails i do believe this will be the reason.

other questions that keep poppin' into my i possibly the only person within t.v. sound range that is sick o hearin' about britney? is anyone besides me thinkin' that no matter what paul did to heather, nothin could make him look as bad as she looks goin' on all the entertainment shows spewin' venom and that all that venom is pretty much cancelin' out any good thoughts we had about her after she performed for us so well with only one leg? am i the only one who would consider myself a failure as a mother if my child appeared on judge joe brown's show? and why'd they move the soap with the monkey and witch to some other universe? why'd days o our life kill off john....or is this just another one o those times when he's only pretendin' to be dead and that's the reason marlana isn't bein' as dramatic as usual??

on the top o my list o questions gathered while listenin' but not watchin' the t.v. as i design' doo dads for delivery via download are ones havin' to do with the lead the toy manufacturers have been includin' along with their toys at no extra cost and the mysterious increase in dear children bein' diagnosed with learnin' difficulties and autism. the questions i have about these newsworthy items have remained on the top o my question list for quite a while now and i keep hopin' one o those talkin' heads will either give me the answers or at least ask the questions themselves.

here's what i keep wonderin'.....

•how long are we to assume this lead giveaway has been goin' on? they have recalled many o playthings that are currently on the shelves of toys 'r us and other fun providers but what about those that are no longer bein' manufactured or sold? it seems to me that we are left to think that all toys made previous to this discovery and not recalled and still in our possession are safe - those maybe in an attic packed away to pass on to those grand kids i'm hopin' to have one day when i grow up. but since i have not yet been told how these toys are checked and how often they are checked and how the current lead pass-along was discovered, i am left wonderin' about every toy i ever placed in my mini's eager hands or have stored away.

•i know little about autism except that it is a very difficult diagnosis to receive about any child - whether one o your own or someone else's. from what i have heard most children with autism develop normally and then suddenly that development seems to go haywire. also that many parents of autistic children firmly believe that immunizations their children receive are the cause of the disease as their problems begin around the same time they received them. why has no one ever given the statistics on how many children that did not receive them are autistic? did any o' those children - immunized or not - play with too many o those toys that come with the free lead - or possibly somethin' even worse?

i am sure that since none o' the experts have been posin' these question they shouldn't be on the top o my question list but they remain there right next to all the others. others such as - could our trust in thinking all the systems in place to keep us and our children safe and the products we purchase safe and the food we eat safe be misguided? shouldn't someone at least ask if maybe lead or some other dangerous element our children have played with or consumed created the onslaught o' learnin' difficulties and problems today's lil children are developin'?

i'll keep listenin' while i design the doo dads and as always, will end up with more questions about the world we live in for my on-goin' list than answers and from time to time may be forced to share more of 'em here in blogdom. in the meantime, since both the lead problem and child development have been featured so prominently at the same time on all the newsy type shows, i'll keep hopin' one o those talkin' heads will at least ponder for us whether something like lead on our children's toys could be the cause of all these sweet children bein' diagnosed with illnesses and problems at a higher rate than ever.

i fear i may be diagnosed with a permanently damaged neck if lil coco keeps growin'. while she doesn't seem to be gettin' that much bigger, she is certainly much heavier. i can state this as a fact since the only way to keep her happy while mini is away at school each day is as you see her in today's a lil bag hangin' from around my neck! it's not really too bad unless tink has a fit o jealousy and insists on hangin' from a bag o her own....unfortunately this is most often the case. lookin' on the bright's always nice to feel needed.


Anonymous said...

Definitely worth noting about the potential lead and autistm connection, Mo. My little Xan Man has had horrible problems with food allergies and eczema that magically showed up after his first round of vaccinations, so I did quite a bit of research at that time. Of course, I came across all those seeking to connect it to autism as well. I must admit that I'm appalled what chemical mix goes into those nifty little syringes that are poked and squeezed into our infants' little chubby legs, but I can also admit that I would be devastated to have my child suffer from the diseases they are preventing (and I know nary a thing about how to put together a stable vaccine solution either). ANYWHOOO, back to the 'free lead with purchase''s so frustrating and makes me want to toss most of what's lying around our house, too. I used to babysit for an autistic boy, and it makes me appreciate so much how difficult it is for parents to deal with this in their children...I sure hope more headway is made figuring this out. Thanks for sharing what's on your mind.
xoxo Kristin

Anonymous said...

Well, just last week, I went on a cleaning frenzy and tossed 8 bags full of toys out of my son's room. Most he didn't play with any longer any way so he wasn't the least bit upset. Hubby wanted to know why I didn't donate them but since I didn't know if any of them contained any of that free lead, I just threw them out....especially all those Thomas the Tank trains we had. I couldn't bear to think I passed on a toy that hurt someone else's child. What a sad world that we can't even feel secure about the toys our children play with.


Anonymous said...

I know your thinker is goin' non stop up there in the doo dad den, even when weighed down by that adorable, but heavy, jewelery.

I wish we could put the $$$$ we spend on sendin' chimps into space and on politician's haircuts on more important research so we could answer these questions and get real answers for the parents of children who deserve all the help in the world. We could give up all that Britney, Paris, and Lindsay coverage and use all of the $$$ the paparazzi would save on gas if they didn't follow them around and use it on research too.

I'm now trying to figure out if it would be better to go back to those simpler times when kids had fewer toys. Then again, we also had potato shootin' guns and no car seats. Oh my, it's complicated.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything that has been said here Ms. Mo.. I truthfully don't get it.. we used to only have to worry about lead in pebncils to write with or the lead in paint that may chip off the walls, but now all the toys are coming up with something... seems to me our parents never had to worry about 3/4 of the things we have to worry about now.. there are some things to be said about simpler times. Also what is up with these immunizations? I don't understand this all.. and if you as a parent decided not to have your child immunized with these multiple shot combos, your child can't go to school... The measles mumps & rebella that they gave us in the 60's in the 80's when I went to take night college courses after work, in order to go was told that those shots were bad and I had to get an MMR shot in order to attend... unbelievable.. I listen to the tv when I do stuff too, and you are so right.. very valid questions, and I hope we hear the truth soon.. re Heather Mc. & all her cries I heard were so FAKE the other day I wanted to wretch... lol.. Love your new art with the hanger for coco.. she loves you.. maybe you can hang tink from the back so at least it will balance you or one on each side like water buckets so that you don't give your back a problem.. hugs and as always, love your blogs!! Christa

Saucy said...

My sweet Loopy as you may recall suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (on the Autism scale) and sometimes I wonder about the toys, the immunizations, the cold and cough syrups that knocked her unconcious and even the odd bit of aspartame that may have slipped past me in a wayward stick of Dentyne. Do you suppose Britney's Mama has second guessed herself in this last while? We all do from time to time.

That said, and I'm not a vengeful gal as you know, wouldn't it be a grand social experiment to put Brit, Lindsay, Paris, Lady Heather and the lot of 'em all into a room of lead toys and diet drinks... and see who comes out worse for the wear? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mo, I think you may be on to something important re the lead in the toys. On the other hand, you have a fabulous little furry necklace there.


Sharon said...

Agree with all you said and yes I think John is just "pretend dead" for the 500 the time !

I have an idea about the lead paint problem. Bring the work back to America. We don't produce lead paint anymore. (In fact we don't produce a lot of stuff anymore !) Jobs for American workers, no lead paint, sounds like a good deal to me !

Anonymous said...

Miz wonderer with the wanderin' mind... you probably know my twins, the two littlest boys in my house, have sensory integration disorder, which is on the same "neurological spectrum" as autism... it's not nearly as serious, but it sure has been a crazy four years, especially since we have it times two... i noticed something was wrong when they were six months old, and yup, that was right after a round of vaccinations. One of the twins stopped looking at my face, didn't want to be held anymore, neither one of them wanted to be held anymore, and my heart sunk--I'd watched all those scary 60 minutes and 20/20 shows and my mind jumped right to autism. Luckily we started therapy with them right away, and those little stinkers are going to start kindergarten on time next fall. It doesn't leave much time for playing in Moland, but I drag them outside to get there hands and feet in the dirt and get them as much sensory therapy as possible--they get dragged all sorts of places kids don't normally get dragged, 'cause I'm old enough to shoot down the idea that 4-year olds need to spend all day in school learning to read, write, and do math so that they can be ready for kindergarten. My kids are playing with sticks, stones, dirt, bugs, bikes, and balls--I'm hoping they've escaped most of the lead (although we did have a lot of those Thomas trains Peggy mentioned). Turn that old TV thing off! Or, turn on MythBusters. The teachers at school say they do a good job of demonstrating the Scientific Method--so maybe you can learn how to test out the old lead/vaccine theories yourself!


charlotte said...

just stopping by to say howdy....thanks for the thinking part of the day here. happy thanksgiving to you- lead-free. xoC

Meredith said...

i have been wondering the same thing about the lead paint and autism / learning disorders. My daughter is supposed to get her 6 month shots next week... I don't want to take her, but I am so scared of all the other diseases, I don't feel like I have a choice. i'm putting her at risk of losing a normal childhood either way, whether she develops autism or a life-threatening disease. what's a parent to do?

on a different note, i haven't been your site in a LONG time. i have no idea how i lost track of you, but I'm glad i found your blog and site again! your designs are awesome as usual!