good hat headed milliner mo

milliner mo
you may think that jo has big hair cause she's stuck in some poofy time warp. but that's not the case. jo's big hair is our grandmother's fault.

from the time we were born, our grandmother told us at least once each time we were with her that we were very fortunate to have inherited her good hat head and that we owed it to ourselves to wear a hat whenever out in public. and any time we were out in public with our good hat heads hatted, she made a point o' callin' to our attention all the less fortunate heads we encountered so we would appreciate how lucky we were to carry the good hat head part o' her DNA.

while i loved donnin' all the chapeaus grandmother crammed onto my good hat head, jo hated each and every single one. she said they detracted from her natural beauty and that since we also inherited spectacle needin' peeper DNA from this good hat head grandmother, addin' a hat too was just tacky. queenie agreed with her but only because she had good peepers and had made it clear early on that the only thing she was ploppin' on her good hat head was a tiara so grandmother never made her wear one o the matchin' hats forced upon me and jo.

as much as she hated those hats, jo put up with 'em for the first five or so years of her life. but then one day we accompanied grandmother to the beauty salon and while she had her hair-do done up, we dug around in all the beautician's drawers where jo discovered a teasin' comb. by the time we left for our next stop of the day, jo had mastered that tool like a pro and with almost a whole foot o' teased hair on top of her good hat head, she finally put her flat foot down and told grandmother she was done honorin' her good hat head and from that point on would be goin' out in public bare cause her high hair would no longer accommodate any sort o' coverin'.

queenie's tiara and jo's bouffant left me as the only grand-daughter willin' to wear a hat which was fine with me cause i actually liked 'em - plus no matter how jo tried, she was never able to get my hair to hold a tease - even with a double coat o' aquanet.

by the time i was maybe 8 or 9 i started makin' hats for my friends - even those without good hat heads - and other than a hiatus i took for a couple o' years after sewin' 5 or 6 machine stitches through my pointer finger, i've been makin' 'em ever since.

above are some o' those on their way to that sweet amy's shop, last year i only made lil ones for lil hat heads and many o' you requested i do some larger ones next time ' that's just what i did. i believe this batch will be on the shelves o' amy's shop between now and monday so if you're in need o' a couture chapeau cloche or two, be sure to stop by and take a look.

now i must go finish decoratin' all those trees mini and her daddy insist on havin'. jo's still not back from helpin' our auntie move so i'm left to do it all with no live entertainment. i'll blog up some shots as soon as i am further along.

hope you all are enjoyin' the season and have done more shoppin' done than i have. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Maija said...

I LOVE hats!! I can't wait to see them in Amy's shop!!

Jan, aka Milly and someday I'll be either Daisy or Nana Sugar said...

dang, mo, i'm so jealous, my momma must have laid me on my back instead of my tummy when i was a baby cause my head is as flat as a flitter in back and i look just horrid in hats of any kind.

however, like jo, i too mastered the great art of teasing my hair back in the day. not only did i tease it, but i was able to get it so high in the sky that i could have caused a nosebleed by setting it using jello mixed with water as a styling lotion, (you used the flavor of jello that closest matched your hair color, mine was lemon, i believe) and then i rolled my sticky hair on frozen orange juice cans with both ends cut out, and i recycled tampax tubes and used them for those little corkscrew curls on the side, for the gibson girl look.

it was quite the look, let me tell you, if someone came to the door unexpectedly and found me in those rollers.

i sure do wish i could wear hats, though... well, i have been known to wear several different hats, just not on my head. *tehehehe*


Tracy said...

You have been BUSY!!! Love these -- they look so soft and comfy. I have never been a hat girl, but I sure wish I was!! I did buy some new earmuffs yesterday (not snowman ones like Macy's) and I'm quite excited about the prospect of keeping my ears warm without having to put a hat on. Hairspray + touque + warm head from shovelling snow = one big flat mess. These look much prettier and would be well worth the flat hair!! :) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

oh i am most assuredly a hat girl and these are fabulissi-mo! i'm gonna go and take a look to see if i can find a complimentary style to olivia's robin's egg blue felt one. beautifully done!
cant' wait to see some photos of the holiday deckin' of your halls!

Anonymous said...

Mo, just love the new art with your holiday chapeaus and to see tink and coco in your arms amongst the presents you are carrying!!!

Your chapeaus are wonderful!! I don't have the hat head either, and while my Mom used to make me wear a hat for Easter with matching purse, and for snow purposes to keep the body heat from escaping in the cold. I really wasn't much for a hat 'cept in my bar hopping days during the "Urban Cowboys" stage of my life when I would don a cowboy/girl hat when I would go to the country bars... anyway, I was mighty surprised when I got married, that I would choose a hat to adorn my head instead of the veil... the hat was perfect and matched the dress... it is still to this day my FAVORITE hat of all time, and have it in it's box so I can yank it out whenever I want.. oh and then there was that 'zany' hat with the horns too which I will have to find the pic to scrap... as far as the hair teasing goes, I could never quite muster that task and wow it is unbelievable to see that Jo picked that up so quickly that she was an ace by the time she left the shop!! Love your blog my dear... I love your stories and giggle everytime I read them..The chapeaus are wonderful!! hugs Mayor Mo, and Merry everything!! XO Christa

Anonymous said...

Oh Mo! Happy am I because I just bought one of your cutest ever Mo Made hats from Amy's site!! The navy one with the red berries....can't even wait to glue it to my head! :) Thanks for making such beautiful treasures.

Teresa McFayden

Anonymous said...

Dear Mo,

You are quite the milliner! Surely you ought to make one with rhinestones, too, though, just in case there are others out there who lean towards tiaras....


Saucy said...

those hats are doozies! my loopy wore hats in the NICU incubator to keep her little bit 'o body weight in her, and to this day, she is instantly calmed down when you plop a hat on her if she gets all riled up for any reason. hats can do wonders for a gal, can't they?

Anonymous said...

These are sweet, Mo! I sure wish I'd been blessed with a good hat head, too :D (I have a big ol' squarish one like my dad's..I couldn't even find a marching band helmet to fit it right in high school)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you Missy Mo...I was one of those dropping not-so-subtle hints for you to make adult sized chapeaus last year and I was so excited when I read your blog over the weekend that I rushed right over to Amy's to see if your chapeaus had hit the store shelves yet...had to have one for my not-so-little anymore Miss to go with her new boots and jacket I got her for Christmas. She doesn't know it yet but she is the soon-to-be proud owner of that red bit of beauty. I did have an attack of the terrors at first though because it just so happens that on Friday some greedy grinch raided our bank account to download hundreds of dollars worth of itunes for their Christmas stocking and I had to cancel my credit/debit cards before they completely bankrupted our Christmas here. My MIL came to the rescue and let me use her credit card to make my purchase though, so I was able to snag it before somebody else did. Can hardly wait to see her all dolled up in it and will share some pics as soon as I can. Best Wishes for a lovely, joyous Christmas from our house to yours. xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...


i have to confess that i ordered two of your hats from Amy last year just to have them around. they're so danged cute. they don't fit me, i don't wear hats, and you know i have four boys (so the hats aren't going on any of my kids); i tried to tell myself that i was going to send one to my niece, but i just couldn't part with it.

they're just sittin' here, lookin' cute. i suppose if i were a really, really nice person, i would donate them to some special organization ("Hats for Heads", maybe?), but i'm not that nice. even though i'm not wearin' em, i'm enjoyin' em.

wings (Pam)

Tammy said...

I bought one of your hats last year from Amy, and I absolutely LOVE IT! I get a ton of compliments when I wear it! Thanks so much...xotammy