floods 'n flowers

fabric flowers
the day after my last april blog i once again damaged my old broken back. i had the pretty white day bed moved outta mini's 'playroom' and in it's place two floofy poofy white denim shabby chic custom made couches. this was in response to mini's desire to turn the playroom she took over at 16 months old into more of a space for someone her age. i saw it as changin' a charmin' room created for adorable and adored little children to play innocently into a place where body snatchers could study 'n snack and probably sulk 'n sneer and dependin' on who is supervisin', maybe even snuggle 'n smooch.

the next mornin' i went back to admire my redecoratin' only to discover a disaster...there was water everywhere and in the center o' the ceilin', a huge sorta bubble thing - a circle about 6 feet around. i walked over and stood right below it - lookin' up to try and understand what was happenin' and at that very moment - as if it had been carefully planned - that big bubble in the ceilin' burst and anything that hadn't been wet, includin' me, was drenched. along with the water came big chunks o' plaster. since the ceilin' continued to drip from just about every spot, i headed out to find those big rubbermaid bins we use to store stuff in and did my best to position 'em where they'd collect the most o' the drips. i then gathered all the old towels i could find and started soppin' up all the water. before headin' up to the attic to see what was causin' this latest calamity, i plopped down on a couch to rest a spell and then discovered one o' those things that are both good and bad. the good - seems the couches had soaked up most o' the water and this was the reason the damage wasn't much worse....the bad....the couches had soaked up most o' the water and were now just two big soggy not-so-white shabby not-so-chic sponges. it was when i tried to yank myself outta the big ol' shabby sponge that i realized i had hurt my back sometime durin' all my frantic action.

the cause o' the perilous indoor precipitation: seems the guys we have been payin' to come four times a year to maintain the air conditioners weren't doin' what they were supposed to and somethin' they shoulda' been cleanin' out each time appeared to have NEVER cleaned and therefore created the flood.

and this my friends, is the reason for my recent bloggin' hiatus and why i haven't yet fullfilled my promise to blog up some o' the blooms that grew outta my last adventure in puttin' on the rit. but here is a pile o' flowers, created while i once again spent too much time on the mend. i miss the blogdom durin' the times my calamities keep me away and do so appreciate that you never give up on me. i have promised my family i would try to be more careful but i probably won't...just know nothin' can keep me away for too long.



Anonymous said...

what a HORRENDOUS calamity, Mo! holy cow! i hope that poor back o yours is better now! (and the ceiling and poufy white couches!) lisar

Anonymous said...

oh my Mo, when it rains, it pours...and in your case it poured right on top of your pretty little head I see. I have one of those little ceiling bubbles in my kitchen right now...very tiny at the moment but the signs are there that it's time to call in a plumber cause something is definitely not right in the bathroom above. So sorry that you hurt your aching back again but glad to hear that you survived to tell the story in true Mo fashion...and I love that huge pile of flowers of course. xoxo's JudyG

Anonymous said...

oh dear...i don't know which is worse, water damage or mini needing a body snatcher den! Bless your heart.


Anonymous said...

Mo, I am so sorry that happened.. I remember when that happened here too and it was me who did the finding both times...thank goodness I found ours (both times)in the early stages and we then got a new a/c unit as there was no more repairing the old unit and emptying the overflow. (I also remember finding the bathroom unflood... I say unflood as the HOT water was going under the flooring and I felt the vinyl flooring in the downstairs bathroom as warm, and then went in the garage to find the cement was hot on one side and then cold on the other, and sure enough the leak was going down..that poor bathroom floor was tore up for at least 2 weeks as we fixed that. So very sorry your couches got damaged in addition to your back. Hope the couch are now clean and dry and that you are feeling better. XO Christa